Begin Again

I was standing in front of a tallest building with a pleased proud smile, step up to enter from a massive door, stepping into its lobby walking on its polished floor, there was a distinct smell of money in the air (no longer present in air-conditioned buildings of today) and the situation terminate in a noise, which I recognized upon waking up as the sound of the alarm.

Economics students dreamed of making a difference in many areas i.e. taxation, commerce, finance, & insurance and off-course a thought of working in a banking industry brings an excitation for becoming a part of large diaspora, to get on a strong career ladder to climb on, to avail good remuneration & other perks & privileges. Similarly, you are motivated and excited to pursue to your cherished dream of becoming a Journalist, or you might have never think about any other career as satisfying and enjoyable as photography or to be a professional chef, or you may use to have a dream of becoming a nurse when your head hits the pillow.

Dream is something that gives you an energy, & keeps you enthusiastic. It defines you and gives you a direction & purpose to live. Your goals & vision fires your heart and saturate your soul with joy at the very thought of them. Your dreams makes you to think beyond the horizons while hoping that it will become true tomorrow. When you find something that you enjoy doing, start moving into the direction you want, and spend the rest of your life going hard at it. It may take a month, what we may call a matter of luck, or a year, 5 years, or longer to achieve something you really want in your life.

Anything worth having doesn’t come easy. It takes hard work & perseverance. You throw off the limits, fight for your dream & put your heart into it. Sometimes you might end up thinking that you’ve tried everything. It takes long & even longer years of dedication, tears, blood, sweat & failures but you have an utmost confidence to succeed. But how does it feel when a dream you hold onto, don’t come to fruition. It makes you feel as all your hopes have died along your dreams. Every time you stand again, you may feel too broken to continue. Everything looks bleak and you sometimes even struggle to think that God has more for you.

Is this your mind, or dreams that are limiting you from living a great life?

World says, Dream Big and you actually aimed for the moon, but failed to even land among the stars. Then what? This time it might be your dream that is limiting you. Life is too big. Having determination by your side can make a difference to your life. You already have faced countless amount of setbacks and challenges that appeared in your way throughout your journey but it’s the journey that matters which can inspire the people around you. Life is worth living and your belief & determination can help to create the fact for others. You have an opportunity to change someone’s life for the better and who knows, one day you would end up seeing the transformation happen in front of your own eyes.

Take first small step and then you’ll find that you can take another step and another. Think about what other possibilities are out there that you can achieve and how you can achieve. Come up with a new dream and keep on coming with bigger and better one. You’ll see yourself in a new light.

You are so courageous to fight against adversaries and so strong to stand and hold a new dream.


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  1. Nehel says

    You amaze me every single time, Hira.

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