What Went Wrong?

Since its inception Pakistan has faced political instability. Pakistan has been through political quagmire throughout its history. There has been political vacuum that had resulted in military coups and hence political process has never been of greater strength but the question is why has Pakistan been politically unstable?

First of all the fundamental element of any political system is “political party” that provides the path for political stability and sustainability. The definition of a political party is embedded in unity of ideology.

Unity of ideology leads to coherency of actions. The political workers of the party are like beads to the string. Ideology not only keeps them agglutinated to main cause and true to the party but it also separates them from other political groups inhabiting the land. Based on this ideology the cadre of political system is formed. The economic system, judicial system, administrative systems etc. all are framed accordingly.

Judging by the above definition Pakistan never had any party since the beginning Quaid also struggled with what he had and argued that he had only base coins.

Moving forward to Bhutto he also desired to have only 4 men like him to work with.

In the contemporary times the narrative of change is getting hold and everyone is hoping that the ice will break this time and will start a new beginning. But is it possible? The importance of having a true ideological party is shadowed. One man army does not work in politics. Politics needs men that are conglomerated to same ideology. Men who can stand up for the cause. Men that are having a vision of system i.e. economic and political. The problem is not with the leader but the group that the leader possesses.

Analyzing the Islamic era the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H first created a group or party of men that were ideologically unanimous and were aimed to achieve the same goal. That was the wellbeing of the laymen. They not only stood firm by it but also carried it forward after the demise of the Prophet (S.A.W).

In Pakistan we have political parties in excess of 200 but none fits on the definition of ideological uniformity. Some have based their politics upon language that leads to animosity and segregation further more lacking any economic system. Others being attracted towards religion acquire support of religious sentiments but again lack of political understanding and not having any idea or model of how their economic system should be molded. It puts them at greater disadvantage.

Revolution brings the nation to unity. Like china became a nation through the expanse of revolution. Germany was united into a nation. America was molded into single nation and so Russia was formed as a result of revolution. Different states in many of the country were mended to form a nation. But in Pakistan different nations were united to form a state.

Ayat ullah Khomeini would send video tapes of his sermons while his days in the exile. Mao would not become popular until the long march and the Bolshevik would come to power as a strong party under the leadership of Lenin. The provisional government in Russia could not sustain its government and in October 1917 the government would be in the hands of Bolshevik.

In short there is a need of political party that can undergo all the three basic changes that a society demands

  • Ideological
  • Economic
  • Political

It is ominous that we are deprived of true political party that is required for political tranquility and to beatify the political stability. Unless we have a true political party we can only masquerade a change. For a party to become truly ideological and uniform from top to bottom it should be conterminous from top to bottom. It should arrange study circles and gathering so that there is cohesions and transfer of opinions from leader to worker. By virtue of this a group of unionized and educated persons can be made that can pursue the agenda of the leader. Not doing this is playing ducks and drakes.


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