A Foreign Dream

The sun was bright so as Amad’s smile. It was the day he dreamed of every single day. A day which came after so many years. The years that were encapsulated with fears, uneasiness and snags. The obstacles those were ruthless against desires and hopes. But finally, the morning was knocking at his door with a noise his ears were resonating with.

Amad was only brother of his three sisters with father who barely managed to make both ends meet and mother with worries for every coming minute as to how she would cope with household budget. Amad always had to fight with adverse situations he was confronting with.

After completing his intermediate, Amad was searching for the admission in the university in abroad. He always dreamt of going abroad for higher studies. He always argued with his mother “one day you will see me holding a foreign degree” and she always retort as “Let’s see” as it was a never-fetch-able thought for her.

It was Amad’s determination and relentless attitude that kept him going. His financial position never allowed him to only concentrate on his studies. Whenever he saw some court related plot on TV, he unconsciously makes himself glued to the television screen.

“I am made for this” he whispers while watching scene from court proceedings.

He grabbed every single opportunity to earn some penny to finance his studies. His parents supported his academics, by hook or crook. But after the academic end they were hopeless. This was the time he prepared himself to win bread not only for himself but for his entire family. He fostered himself for night shift in a dispensary. Through his limited knowledge, he started to provide tuitions to garner some income. While doing all these, he was consistently looking for avenues that would take him abroad for his desired law degree.

“Yes it is hard, but I am hopeless against my dream”, he always challenged himself.

With constant efforts of over two years, he managed to get visa from UK for the law studies. Foreign university finds Amad eligible for their scholarship program. The day had arrived for which he was living for months. He was feeling nothing but jubilant. Then again, it was no easy coming for him. He again has to mend his ways for daily spending. Apart from daily affairs, he has to complete his unwarranted fee.

He discovered all the legitimate ways to finance his remaining expenses. From being delivery boy to a factory worker; he exhausted all the chances to sustain and to gain his qualification. His room sharers congratulated him with zeal and he was all thankful towards Almighty. He was ostensible as Solicitor and a qualified Barrister.

“Mom! I have degree in my hands”

Both mother and son were overwhelmed and eyes were full of tears while they were talking via telephone. It was all prayers from Pakistan’s side and emotions of pride and achievement on the other side. Meanwhile whole reel of hardships were going through his thoughts…

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