Naya Pakistan and our civic duties

With PTI’s win in the recent general elections presumably we have entered a new era the “Naya Pakistan”. People have a lot of hopes from Imran khan and everyone is looking at him alone for the change in the current situation of the country. Though Imran Khan is the one who gave us the concept of “Tabdeeli” and “Naya Pakistan” and also in his first address to the nation he presented the strategy as to how he will achieve this. But the thing we don’t seem to focus on is that the Prime Minister also mentioned that we all need to work together on this. We all need to help bring this change; we need to be his team!

Now as I mentioned earlier, with Imran Khan becoming the prime minister of Pakistan, I saw many of my fellow Pakistanis, who didn’t use to support him earlier, looking only at Imran Khan to bring the change and serve a corruption free, bribery free, clean new Pakistan to us on the plate. But well things don’t work this way. Change does not come from a single person or a group. Change comes from all of us. Now the matter in question: how can we all be a part of bringing the change, and the answer is by understanding and fulfilling our civic duties. Our people need to understand their responsibilities and be educated about the citizenry we need to become a progressive nation.

Civic duties are responsibilities of the citizens towards the state. These are the duties that need to be fulfilled in order to keep a society moving forward towards the betterment of all. Civic duties include

  • Paying tax
  • Obeying the law
  • Defending the country when needed
  • Be-informed
  • Respect others
  • Tolerate diversity
  • Vote
  • Contributing to common good and many others

There exists a concept of “giving back to the community, which means that the state or the society is serving you and providing you with wealth (in whatever form you are earning), food, and security. In return you give something back to the state/society. One example of this is the taxes. We earn from the society and out of it we give back into the society. This concept of ‘giving back to the society’ was given to us by Islam 1400 years ago in the form of Zakat. There would be people who would disagree to this point and insist that this is their earning, their hard work and they do not want to pay any tax to the government on any profits they make. Well the thing is, in a society, no one can say that anything he/she has achieved or earned is merely due to his/her efforts because everyone is supporting another person in one way or another. No one is doing everything all alone all by themself. Hence this is like a chain re-action; one initiates the second and second initiates the third. So this society, the people who are helping us achieve all of it, we need to give it back to them as well. Corruption is not an excuse to not pay the tax. But yet again, the government and the people need to work together to improve tax systems. They need to build systems to eliminate corruption and we need to pay our taxes honestly.

We need to educate our people and start this Civic education from our younger generation so they can learn and become responsible citizens in the future. Most of us have fulfilled one of our civic duties and that is to come out and vote. Now as Imran khan is playing his role as the prime minister of Pakistan, we need to play ours as a nation. He has ignited the fire now it is our duty to help keep the flame alive and let it become a beacon of light for the generations to come.

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