Murder Puzzle

“Usman versus The State”… “Usman versus The State”. The echo which was being stricken with the ear-lobe of all and sundry when a caller of the court of the learned ASJ Chakwal was, as per the cause-list, calling both the parties of the case with the aforementioned title.

The prosecution case, as emerging out from the perusal of the bare facts stated in the FIR of this case, hinges upon the murder of the deceased Kamran Farooq by the accused Muhammad Usman in the year 2015.

The murder mystery revolves around a lady whose alleged paramour (since deceased) was killed by her husband; the accused in the present case.

The latest twist that raises eye-brows is the current police finding according to which it is a case of suicide rather than murder—quite sufficient to put the entire prosecution case in hot water.

But as the ipse dixit of police is not binding upon the court, it makes it (the court) too hell-bent upon impeding the golden axiom of law: Bail not Jail. So as a result, the accused has been rotting behind the gallows since his arrest.

The court will decide the fate of the case as the trial is yet to be culminated.

For the sake of hypothesis, we accept the police version in letter and spirit to land into the maze in which disentanglement of each and every intricacy is a long row to hoe. Anyway, let’s try to solve this maze.

A rough synopsis of the police file and some crude facts extracted from the surroundings bolster the police version.

The accused husband of the lady had been in Karachi since very long for work and he used to visit his home for few weeks in a year.

On the day of the unfortunate occurrence, the accused was home when the deceased took his last sigh outside the gate of the accused. The pistol was recovered by the police only a few paces from the dead-body at the spot.

Another important fact is that the wife of the accused had gone missing a couple of months ago. The accused (then complainant) had registered an FIR against the deceased for kidnapping his wife.

Later on, the lady was recovered from a DarulAmman (abode) in Rawalpindi by police who exonerated the then accused (now deceased) from the charge of her kidnapping.

The bare perusal of the facts depicts that there existed some sort of deep intimacy between the deceased and the lady.

The police diary categorically states that before being shot in the head, the deceased had made a final call to the wife of the accused to come out and meet him. On refusal, he committed suicide.

The deceased became isolated and ceased to take interest in normal activities of life. He was fighting within. He wore the jewel of silence and was occupied in deep thoughts.

Why was he silent? It is necessary to dig out those very psychological roots of silence. For silence is also an expression.

The problem with silence is that it has a bulk of secrets. The level of intimacy between the deceased and lady was so high that the deceased wanted to tell the lady all his secrets, but the lady became one of them instead.

As the lady became a secret herself, about whom the deceased was unable to share with someone, the dilemma got the deceased jumbled in a catch-22.

The deceased was on the dithering mode as he couldn’t lawfully wed the woman nor could he lose her. The secret being morphed into his haunting fantasy precipitated the violent fight between his heart and mind.

The irony with the fantasy love is that it begets the most thrilling enticements between two opposites that meet each other secretly.

This meeting usually moves beyond the meeting of bodies to a meeting of minds or even souls—to a place where, as per Paulo Coelho, sex is sacred itself.

For the fantasies have dreams comprising of bizarre intimacies that can never come to be realized in real life.

People are usually stuck in taboos behind the veil but enjoy ‘sweet’ pain forever as taboos lead to those soothing intoxications which, with each bit of experience, become never-ending-lust.

In spite of all this, hypocrisy dominates as one can never ever allow these perversions to unveil before the light of harsh realities—conservative-cum-hypocritical societal checks—in order to avoid disgrace and stringent penalties.

Finally, there comes a stage when amorous love peaks and a lover suffer from generalized anxiety disorder.

The lady was making die-hard efforts to rejuvenate her married life out of compulsion as she could never dare to breach socio-religious compulsions.

Ironically, there was no one like Sigmund Freud who could come in aid to the deceased either to break his silence or to reveal his haunting fantasy via some swift psychoanalysis.

The conflict between the lady’s pragmatism and the deceased’s emotionalism let frustration brew into emotional rupture which ended with his suicide.

To sum it up, many crimes in our society are interlinked with the emotional breakdowns.

The criminal litigation has become an offshoot of anxiety disorders coupled with lack of education, want of rationality and death of creative impulses.

As a result, the affected resort to emotional mayhems through acid-attacks, rapes, homicides, suicides etc.

The responsibility aptly lies upon the shoulders of the State to provide such an education system which is veritably based upon creative impulses and emotional rationality.

This is the only cure to ride smoothly on the bumpy road of a crime-free society.


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