When you blame someone, try learning how he lived his life

Being a Muslim one will never ever compromise on the Dignity and Honor of the Prophet ‎Muhammad ﷺ for them the honor of Prophet ‎ﷺ is more important than their life and even the whole world.

Islam is the religion of Peace and Harmony. Being a Muslim we do respect other religions of the world, their religious leaders, norms and rituals. Muslims all over the world do practice this tradition. One could have a practical example of Pakistan, a Muslim majority state where Christians, Sikhs and Hindus profess their religion freely having equally provided to them by the state, their basic fundamental rights and religious freedom. Sikhs from all over world specifically India are allowed to come every year in Pakistan for observing their religious rituals. Their religions are equally protected as that of Muslims because Islam teaches peace and respect for all the religions of world.

Islam is not only for Muslims it’s the religion of Humanity having open for all humans to be studied and followed. Islam the understood religion is criticized always by those who don’t even know what basically Islam teaches. Islam has nothing to do neither with terrorism nor with the enemies of Humanity. People who threatened the peace of world for their personal means, calling themselves Muslims, how can they be affiliated with the most peaceful religion of the world whose teachings renders the killing of single innocent person to be the killing of whole humanity. Why such terroristic activities are associated with Muslims and exploited against Islam, the religion of peace and harmony. Muslims always had condemned and stood against the ill treatment of minorities and always protected their rights and freedom of religion. But Islam had been targeted by the non-Muslims time and again unnecessary for outraging Muslims only.

In the same way once again Islam is going to be targeted in form of holding blasphemous contest. How can one have enmity with Prophet Muhammad ﷺ who even forgave his own enemies and the cruel murders of his uncle (r.a). Prophet Muhammad ﷺ who after conquering Makkah, having power to take revenge from all his enemies announced unconditional forgiveness to all living there. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ whose teaching spread peace and harmony.

But one should keep that in mind that Prophet ‎Muhammad ﷺ is honored in the Holy Quran by ALLAH subhanhu wa taalla the creator of the universe and can never ever be dishonored even by the whole world.

Why peace builders in world are silent on this time and again blasphemy of ﷺ whose teachings taught peace, forgiveness and love. Whose ﷺ teachings in lightened the darkness and taught humans the successful way of life. Who ﷺ never dishonored even a non-Muslim and always prayed for the peace and success of all humans.

There is difference between hate speech and freedom of speech, unnecessary hate speech given the name of freedom of speech always hurts others emotional sentiments resulting in hate and alarming insecurity between people.

Why a single person always exploiting the freedom of speech for hate speech commits blasphemy, is not prohibited. Which always outrage the religious sentiments of Muslim world resulting in revengeful actions, affecting the peace of world. Why a single person in Holland is allowed to outrage the religious and emotional sentiments of 1.8 Billion Muslims around the world, where everyone knows the consequences of this heinous act which could change the whole world into an insecure place resulting in the highly increased religious hate between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Why these Enemies of humanity are not interdicted from spreading hate in world making it challenging to be lived in.

It’s time to stop such heinous crimes and stop playing with the religious and ideological sentiments of Muslims and also non-Muslims. If Muslims don’t force others to respect Islam it doesn’t mean they would allow the disrespectful acts to be committed.

United Nations and OIC in general and Holland in particular is requested that they should at the utmost abandon, Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders  from contesting this blasphemous contest and prevent spreading of insecurity hate and animosity between the people of Holland and 1.8 Billion Muslims all over the world.

Peace for all at the first instance and Durood pak on Prophet Muhammad ﷺ the teacher of peace, love, harmony and humanity.

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  1. Ali says

    The problem with “free speech” is that it enshrines the “right to offend” as a natural right when in reality, no self-respecting group of people would tolerate being disrespected. In secular western countries, free speech has been utilized to erode the Christian foundations of the western countries leading to amoral societies. Muslim countries (and Muslims) should remain on guard within our own countries to ensure that our religion doesn’t go by the wayside as Christianity has gone. This is more relevant to Pakistan as Islam is the foundation of the Two-Nation theory and the legitimate catalyzing agent for the birth of this beautiful country.

  2. Jd says

    By all means stay in Pakistan as your religion does not show love and peace I have only found hate and destruction, when your people move here they do not care to join the The society within and as as the common people do they create their own and push others out. Muslims do not practice love for their countries that accepted them, For the ones I do you’re more than welcome to stay for the ones that want to change things in our ideology go back home

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