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Being a woman should be a blessing as God made us but apart from the culture we humans made it difficult for women to survive. I am not claiming that life is easy for men, no it is not. To cut it short, in PAKISTAN women have always been treated differently, often on the name of religion, many times in the name of culture, and if something has left of them we torture them in the name of society their own family and it doesn’t happen in the positive sense it’s often or should I say usually in the very negative way. As a society, we don’t love or respect them. For us, they are mere species to regenerate or breed. Even we women cannot see our species to grow or prosper. I know I know u guys must be like it’s not like that but if we come outside of our nutshell. We will realize it might be happening in our very own homes, being in denial is another thing. But it’s happening all under our nose.

You must be thinking here she is again back with all the complaints she has from her society, or might be BECHAREE has the sad life. But believe me if you all come out of denial you can see how we stress women in our lives. We press so hard from her childhood to be a perfect bahoo or wife in future like she has no other reason to live. No greater achievements than getting her married as soon as possible and wash our hands out of any responsibility, social responsibility of course. Whatever she does or doesn’t do might be the reason for her shame in the future as a wife or BAHOO. But by doing this what we are usually doing is washing off her of her own identity with time she has lost herself in life and that’s when reality bites. To be honest, women who are raised so self-assured and have self-esteem and self-value also get married. And what happens BANG society doesn’t like a wife who is independent and it doesn’t mean in financial means, but psychologically too. When our society sees such women they start a crusade over her until she loses herself.

Its ok even till then but the entire dram started when they decide to go for their cure. You must be thinking she has gone gaga because who has issues on going to doctor and yes you are right nobody has issue in going to doctor until one decided to go to the psychotherapist. Going to the psychotherapist is such a TABOO that if anybody knows it or see you going to them you are doomed for good. Again society and a person who is already doomed have to endure all people telling them that there is nothing like depression or anxiety it’s just that they are being NASHUKREY of ALLAH KI NAIMATEN. I have seen a meme about it that a person telling a family how they are having depression and answer they get is there is nothing like depression and when they tell they have seen ghost all believe at once.

My point is when a person decides to go to the therapist it doesn’t ‘t mean they have gone mad permanently or might be they have gone nuts for real and messed up their life that they feel overwhelmed. Or might be they have lost themselves for real and they needed help. To be honest, there are times in life when no friend no relationship can take you out of the wreck of life you have made, and you need professional help someone who can guide you, tell you that thinking about yourself is not selfish. And yes you can get your shit together. You must be thinking oh this happened with all of us what so special about being women and going to the therapist. But yes when a woman hit the door, our society take it as she is mad. So when women avoid going to get a fix to the therapist that’s when they raise emotionally insecure, vengeful and angry kids. Emotionally unstable they place all their hatred, low self-esteem, and low self-image in them and what happened next is a threatened institution of marriage, no more stable family system.

So why not go for the right decision when needed rather than living with all the suffering. It’s like a princess changing into a monster who can’t see any good in her because with the course of time society told her so. Our society is so immune to live with the women who are afraid of everything anything that what our society would say if we stopped being afraid of them if we take care of ourselves too. What will happen if we stop listening to petty norms and decide for ourselves? Their MONSTER of LOG KIA KAHENGEY will be ruined. So why not stand up for ourselves and seek help whenever needed and become what our true potential is rather than groveling over men feet.

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