Issue of Balochistan and Imran Khan

Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of territory. For last two decades, Baloch people have been facing intense level of terrorism, target killing and issue of missing person. The province is absolutely victimized by government policies for many years. Any government did not pay attention towards the issues of Baolch people and tried to suppress their voices through force and suppression which created further chaos.

The issue of missing person is lethal one. Locals are sure that their relatives are abducted by security agencies due to one reason or another. They beg government to bring them before due process of law’ and inform their relatives that what crime they have committed but they are not ready to listen their invocations. Newly elected MNA, Akhter Mangal, said in his speech that more than five thousand Baloch have been abducted so far, adding, that his own brother is missing whose whereabouts are still unknown. Prime Minister Imran Khan must pay his attention by taking every possible step to address the much-awaited and longstanding hue and cries of the relatives of missing persons.

Restoration of peace is the major problem in Balochistan. It’s hard to find out a single family who didn’t lose its relatives in the war on terror. They are much affected from the menace of terrorism and government has launched many operations but the issue still remains. To counter the uncertain security situation in the province, Imran khan is required to bring major shift in his foreign policy generally toward Afghanistan and India especially.

The discriminatory behavior on the part of media in Balochistan is disgraceful. The media tries to conceal the fact. It only reports mega events such as bomb blasts or target killing of soldiers, but never reports the issue of missing person. To discuss the Baloch issue on media is considered against the integrity and sovereignty of the country. The media should be allowed to discuss the issues of Baloch at national level without any fear.

Baloch believes, that there natural resources, like gas and oil are used across the country except Balochistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan should make a commission to solve the issue of their natural resources.

Imran khan must listen to the voice of common men and play his role for the betterment of the province. He should work for prosper and progress of the Baloch people.

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