Perfectly Imperfect

Only A’s are worth striving for, I just need to be the best at everything, I need to be liked by everyone, I don’t meet the 100% eligibility criteria, can’t even think to get this job, How my co-workers might be perceiving me? Am i winning at my job? It has to be done my way in order to be successful, I feel like crying but I can’t, I am a man, when would I get rid of these acne scars and other visible imperfections on my face-sigh

Do you ever have these thoughts pop into your head?

You must have, which certainly stifle your productivity many times. Never feeling adequate, we use to spend every span of our lives being down on ourselves and ultimately give up on our goals too early. We do this over and over again, striving for perfectionism is actually stressing us out.

Why we want to be perfect?

Because we are taught to be. Our society have some standards by which we all are expected to live by. It stems from our childhood that if we don’t fit into that standard we will not be considered perfect. We do a lot of effort to reach the ceiling of our social standards while choosing to go with the flow in the wake of protecting ourselves from social punishment. Pleasing people falls always at the top of our list and we thrive on praise and reassurance from others. Yet it’s an impossible feat to always make everyone around us happy and we let ourselves down in the process.

Popular Choice Might Not Be the Right Choice

Desire to excellence which is motivated by an idea in our heads of something that we want to create is inspiring and exciting. But the kind of desire comes from a need of approval, love, & appreciation makes us to hold a standard for ourselves that once we’ll reach only than we would be worthwhile as a person, develop a fear of failure in ourselves. We are afraid that if we wouldn’t be able to fully realize our idea, and if it does not meet some kind of external standards of perfection, often defined by other people than we will not be worthy of all the appreciation that we desire.

Fear Is At the Core of Perfectionism

We cling to our fears of uncertain future which stops us from manifesting our goals & dreams. By letting fear rule our everyday action, we won’t initiate grand ideas. It will hold us back from pushing our boundaries. We think that we’ll fail because we aren’t good enough.

Being True To Yourself

It starts with knowing who you are and accepting yourself. This self-destructive and addictive belief of perfectionism lessens the meaning of who you are & won’t let you to be true to yourself. Fear of what other people think will keep you trapped and prevent you to reach your full potential. You have so much more to contribute to this world but before stepping up, fear of being ridiculed and rejected must have stopped you many times.

Perfectionism is actually killing us inside. From relationships to academic achievement, we set standards for ourselves that can never actually be attained. We strive for something that actually doesn’t exist instead of self-improvement and growth. Setting high standards derive you to do more, learn more, & grow more but obsession of perfection might be a dead end.

Its bravery not perfection that will unlock all the doors of success.

You are brilliant, you are capable, but you are afraid too. Afraid of being failed, being ridiculed, imperfection & of critical feedback. Push your boundaries, take risk, and reward yourself for trying.

Trust me, you are going to change the world.


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  1. Aisha says

    Very well apprehended

  2. saniya says

    much needed post

  3. Saima nadeem says

    oh hira fanastic. popular choice might not be perfect. that’s really true and i believe is a big hindrance in our progress and self confidence. people who break these barriers reach destiny before the others,

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