The Meg: Not the movie you want it to be

The Meg is not an action movie but Jason Statham is an action Star, if you really want to see the action, thrills and blood so The Meg will not a suitable movie for you because The Meg has few thrills, few laughs and regrettably little blood. If you see the shark on the poster, yes the film also features a giant shark, eventually, but don’t hold your breath. If you are a fan of “JAWS” and “Deep Blue Sea” so you will be disappointed too.

The Meg is a passable entertainment. A giant shark that can actually eat people and when it is out of the Sea it is huge, knocking over the boats and gobbling up people like cocktail peanuts. The movie is about the giant shark, Megalodon but we rarely get a full view of the villain Megalodon. We get numerous thrilling shots of it but cannot see the Megalodon, 70ft giant shark.

The movie based on the novel “Meg” by Steve Alten, but the screen play feels as though it was assembled, every character you expect survive survives, and everyone you expect to die dies. The greater sin a movie like The Meg could commit is to be boring and that’s exactly what it does.

Like most action movies, The Meg begins with its tough-guy hero performing a mission that goes awry, causing him to blame himself, quit the business, and feel haunted. He is called upon to help save a trio of stranded explorer included his ex-wife, which might give some credence to his claim that there is some kind of monster lurking in the ocean.

The staff at the underwater research facility Mana-One has been trying to figure out if there is a deeper part of the ocean, something lying beneath thermal layers. Statham’s target is a 70ft prehistoric shark, or megalodon, hitherto imprisoned under an icy barrier of hydrogen sulphide in an ocean realm deeper than the Mariana Trench.

The Mana-One research station is funded by billionaire Jack Moris (Rainn Wilson), and his staff who is more dedicated to their respective job and mission, Dr.Minway Zhang (Winston chao) and his daughter Suyin (Li Bing bing) are expert oceanographers and explorers, Jax Herd (Ruby Rose) designed the facility, Mack (Cliff Curtis) is the station chief, Lori and Dj (Page kennedy) pilot of the submersible.

While the director Jon Turtletaub trying to shoot the action and the actual mission of Jason Statham, there is a little romance between Statham and Chinese actress Li Bing bing (Suyin).

There are few mistakes in the script like; if megalodon exists in the permanent inky blackness of deep sea, why does it have eyes? Why it is attracted to a recording of whale song when it cannot possibly have encountered a whale at the depth at which it lives?

The Meg is exactly the movie you think it is, but it is not the movie you want it to be.

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