The Power Saga of PCB

World Cup winning captain, a world class all-rounder and an absolute visionary leader on & off the field; Imran Khan is finally the Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The man, who accomplished everything he ever desired to, is now Patron in chief of Pakistan Cricket Board as well. Historians will never write a passage about Cricket in Pakistan without citing this man in golden verses; Inzamam ul Haq, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and many more after him owe their success and career to this man. Next day of Khan’s oath taking; Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Najam Sethi resigned from his post, ending all the conjectures about who will fire the first bullet. Sethi knew that even if he stays, the new government will soon replace him. So, he decided to leave gracefully.

Now, one of the finest chairman to ever hold the office at International Cricket Council; Mr Ahsan Mani has been appointed as Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board by the Prime Minister Imran Khan. Cricket community around the globe, where on the one hand is dissenting over the resignation of Najam Sethi, because it was in his tenure that Pakistan Cricket achieved some historic milestones like Pakistan became No#1 Test and T20I Team, Pakistan won the Champions Trophy 2017, and biggest of all was the launching and growth of a dream project; Pakistan Super League which started in United Arab Emirates but paved the way for International Cricket in Pakistan, There is also a lot of praise for appointing Ahsan Mani as well.

Now the question for real is that, Will Imran Khan be able to root out exploitation and misdeeds in Pakistan Cricket Board as he promises to do across the board with just changing the Chairman, with the mafia still active and running in the board? There are individuals in this board, for whom the board is like a house-business since they have been here for eras and with many chairmen came and vanished. They never left, that’s why there always has been the flaw in this body. Will Prime Minister Imran be able to categorize these aspects and more prominently, Will he be able to eliminate them from the board with the help of newly appointed Chairman? These are the real questions. Pakistan players are often found guilty of corruption and cheating despite of having strict examples of sentences and ban, why? Because they always succeed to come back and be a part of the community, who fetch them? These people in power who were their back in the first place when they committed the crime.

This nation has trusted Prime Minister Imran Khan with his mandate to eradicate the factor of corruption from all over the country. Above all, this nation wants Imran Khan to take care of what is the reason why he accomplished this fate in the first place; Cricket. Pakistan team is in one of its supreme phase in the history, we can only hope this power saga won’t influence that.

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