…But Imran Khan is more like Bernie Sanders

It must be true that Imran Khan is like Donald J. Trump but for me what more important is that Imran Khan (IK) is more like Bernie Sanders of USA. It can be worrying for Pakistanis that IK is like Trump, but for me it is more satisfying that he is more like Bernie Sanders.

In December 2017 I wrote that,” Can Imran Khan (IK) proves himself to be Donald J. Trump of Pakistan?” The reason for this was that as Trump won against all the odds in America, can also Imran Khan make it to the premiership of Pakistan? IK did it in elections on 25th July 2018.

Except for this, there are many other traits in Imran Khan that are same as of Donald J. Trump:

  • Both had cow boy styles
  • Political incorrectness
  • Speaking of their minds
  • 3 marriages and youth filled with pump and show
  • Both are hated by the so called Liberals of respected countries
  • Both are ‘outsiders’ in politics
  • Both had most ‘crooked’ Elite political established class against them
  • Both have promised to ‘drain the swamp

Now Americans have Trump as their president and they will have him at least till 2020. So if the style of Imran Khan matches with Trump, will it be difficult for Pakistanis to coup Imran Khan till 2023, he being the prime minister. The answer is big NO. And the reason is that if Imran Khan is like Trump, he is more like Bernie Sanders. This was allegedly rigging in the primaries and in DNC (Democratic national committee) funds by ‘crooked’ Hillary Clinton that Bernie Sanders couldn’t make it to final race with Trump as presidential candidate. Many say truly that if this were Bernie Sander versus Trump then it would have been very difficult for Trump to win in 2016, but it was almost certain that he could have been beaten by Bernie Sanders. To me this is bad luck of Americans in general and of rest of the world in specific that a leader like Bernie Sanders was missed- and the biggest single reason of that was being the self-projection and greed for power and money of Hillary Clinton. It was hate for Hillary Clinton more than the love for Trump that has made Trump win elections. Bernie Sanders supporters by voting Trump have also taken revenge from Hillary Clinton. Imran Khan may be like Trump, but the advantage Pakistan over USA now has that IK is more like Bernie Sanders in many ways for example:

  • Imran Khan is more like Bernie Sanders, a revolutionary, tilted towards communism and pro-poor.
  • Bernie Sanders has said that American system is rigged against the poor. Imran Khan has said the same in almost all of his speeches.
  • For both Imran Khan and Benrie Sanders the jails are full of poor who can’t afford their bails but still there are innocent people who are being rotten in jails because only crime they have committed is ‘poverty’.
  • For Bernie Sanders if you are poor it should not be the reason that prevents you to get good health facilities. Imran Khan has already introduced ‘health cards’ in the province (KPK) that was run by his party during 2013-2018. That is like health insurance in America where the patient has to pay nothing.
  • This was election rigging that kept Imran out of power in 2013 elections. There was rigging in primaries and DNC funds by Hillary Clinton that kept Bernnie Sanders out.
  • IK came into power in 2018 once being allegedly cheated through rigging in 2013 elections. Will Bernie Sanders be able to come into power in 2020 allegedly being cheated by Hillary Clinton in primaries in 2016?

So this can be worrying that IK won elections in Trump style, but this can be satisfying that he may deliver to his nation like how Bernie Sanders would have delivered to Americans.  We will have to wait for that.

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  1. Ibrahim says

    Totally awesome comparison…

  2. Ali says

    There are valid reasons to hate Donald Trump, but IK being hated by liberals was quite predictable. Liberals have never liked a leader that talks about religion, even in a country like Pakistan, which was founded upon the idea of preserving Muslims and their ideology. IK isn’t the problem here, liberalism is.

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