Beginning of a new chapter!

July 25th marked the beginning of something very special for Pakistan. Now one might say it was just another election day with transition of power from one civilian government to another. But in reality, it was more than just that. To put it more straightforwardly, the country for the first time ever witnessed the fall of one of the nation’s most corrupt ruling dynasties. The one’s that had been taking turns ruling, ruining and plundering the country with no shame and guilt.

Always treating people as their personal serfs, who owe them their absolute slavish obedience and political allegiance without a question. Yes indeed, these were the so called guardians of the nation’s future who turned out to be its worst enemies.

Now, “How dare their personal serfs, the people, did not vote for them”, they question? It must have been because the army told them not to. They seriously believe that people have no brains of their own and cannot think for themselves.

But what they fail to understand is that this time around, the people have won. The power of the people’s vote took precedence.  And dare I say, justice and fairness has prevailed after a very long time. Indeed, alongside this shining chapter of victory also lies a great deal of challenges for the winning party of the General Elections 2018 that is PakistanTehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

The first and foremost would be to transform the position of its head leader, Imran Khan, from the perennial position of an opposition leader which he has held for the past 22-years of his political career into a statesman. This role would require him to effectively chalk out a strategy to placate all the major political parties for working together in national interest.

Khan himself has pledged while giving his first interview after the victory on live television that he remains committed in setting a personal example of austerity by offering himself and his party for accountability so that equal standards for ensuring a corruption-free society are set. Secondly, striving to eliminate poverty and unemployment would remain major challenges including effective take on country’s foreign policy matters.  For this to work, efficient strategy will be needed on maintaining positive relations with the South Asian neighbors to avoid any unnecessary international conflict.

Thirdly, the new government must ensure that China remains committed to its planned $62 billion investment in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which is expected to develop direly needed infrastructure for the 200-million-strong country.

Fourthly, they need to urgently review and address water shortages in order to prevent a looming ecological disaster. Shortage of dams is indeed depriving the country of low-cost electricity and is a viable alternative to coal-based power production. Hence, political initiative will be essential at this stage for building infrastructure to reverse the course of this impending crisis.

In his campaign for “Naya Pakistan”, Khan promised that he will ensure creating 10 million new jobs and build five million homes for the poor if elected to power. He also said that affluent overseas Pakistanis have promised him to bring in billions of dollars in investment and expertise to rebuild the country for the better. As the country’s elected leader now he is expected to deliver these promises with utmost sincerity and commitment. The task at hand is certainly not easy. And it will take a lot of time, hard work and determination to get the country back on track once again. For Imran Khan, the journey has been a long one. But now that he is in power, the stage for finally turning his dreams into realities can promise a fruitful beginning for the country’s future.

Indeed the promises made in Khan’s victory speech have given the long-awaited hope to every citizen of Pakistan.  Among the most powerful message was his desire to turn places like PM and Governor Houses into educational institutes and tourist resorts. He thanked Allah for giving him the chance to introduce his policies, which he said, are based on the Holy Prophet (PBUH)’s teachings. “I want to tell the nation about the kind of Pakistan I want to see,” he said, adding, “God has given me the chance to make my dream come true.” For indeed it is the first time in the nation’s history where the country’s Prime Minister has openly turned down all luxuries including the magnificent and lavish Prime Minster house.

There is no doubt that the challenges lying ahead of him cannot be mended overnight. But with Khan’s optimism and undying conviction, we hope and pray that he as Prime Minster succeeds in delivering his vision by bringing the much needed change to this country. For what lies ahead, is the beginning of a new fresh chapter.

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