Democracy without Democrats

Nations are known by struggles, mental appealing approaches, revolutions, democratic evolutions and economic progresses. No state can progress if it ignores institutional progress, and it’s done only via democratic evolution.

We as a nation not even know the pale shadow of institutional evolution .The neo-liberals only target a single institute ‘army the villain for state’. Majority in public show their infinite felicitations toward army and blame politicians or democracy for every mess in the country .Both are extremist. None of them want Pakistan as a modern theocratic and developed state .They want to implement their intellect on others by force .They use terms “traitor” and “pagan” for each other frequently. Here mentioned two main reasons of extreme appealing in an agonizing state of Pakistan. Sectarian and ethnic violence is also there. The unnecessary operations, repeated interference in politics, disrespect of public opinion, coercion on freedom of expression, harsh attitude towards civilian’s representatives and non-accountability of Generals are stains on the uniform of army. No doubt there are severe loopholes in Army as an institute. But what about slew tenure of 1948-58, 1993-98, 2008-2013, 2013-2018?

Is air fact or morality traduce system of democracy, develop institutionalization, self-accountability process, police reforms, party structure, horse trading reforms, free Election commission, export policy, tax regulation, effective local governments, kill ethnicity, micro economic reforms like as it were in China Deng Xiaoping (1978-1988) tenure, medical facilities, effective local government, infrastructure policies, education and most important water policy? They did? I didn’t mention here the foreign policy, border management etc, because we know there is intervention of law enforcement agencies in these institutions and it’s impossible to make a trifle change without their suggestions. The discursive issue is that our democratic and bureaucratic systems have too much fault lines that they didn’t perform their duties consciously to confront 3rd force in democracy.

As history experienced in Malaysia 1981_98, Turkey, Sierra Leone (African state) and South Korea the democratic leaders confront army and other institutions. They pushed them behind in administrative policies, set their domains. They made public to accept democracy by heart and soul. But in Pakistan in between army and parliament, the two back bone institutions of country ‘judiciary and bureaucracy’ have become mimic bodies or stooge for them. So democratic leaders in Pakistan should absorb pressure and make the country a welfare state. The ultimate solution is that, both institutions need to develop accentuated accountability, set their domains, develop consensus on foreign policy (include border fencing, mainstreaming) and operations. The nation should support all institutions and there is need of unbiased literature which will explain conjunction of institutions at some specific issues .The stronger the institutions stronger will be the state and it’s impossible without positive appealing from both extremist factions of society. So targeting only one institution is a sordid or one sided dwelling mental enthusiasm. We should learn from past experiences so that we can move forward and develop institutional progress in true manners. And we the citizen of this country, need to prove ourselves a conscious nation not a tousled crowd.

In ongoing political scenario, there is need to understand that the governance is delicate balance between imperative of democracy and interest of institutions. At sudden, none of the political leader can bring lost legacy of civil supremacy, in true democracy center of power doesn’t lie within few hands. The only parameters that can bring civil supremacy are respect for dissent institutes and deliverance of democratic norms to public. Why military and developed institutions interfere in polity? They succeed because the public is relatively narrow and weakly organized and these states have low or minimal political culture.

The other circumstances are the towering democrats cultivate the top brass of the military and bureaucracy to strengthen its positions, the inability of the political government to perform its basic task is exposed and the developed institutions acquire firsthand knowledge of popular antagonism towards the government. Third the impression takes place that civil institutions aren’t capable to handle the State. There is thousands of criticism on developed institutions for their interference in political mechanism. But why we mum, on top towering democrats that they should be capable, they should be accountable more than others, they should perform and they should deliver true perks of democracy to public. The democratization and changing political scenario call us for the true sense of polity in Pakistan. I questioned many people “Is by only speeches against antidemocratic forces and reading books on democracy can resolve the issues?

We can’t but the solution which resolves all this fuss is true sense of participatory polity, respect for dissent opinion, freedom of expression and deliverance. We should acknowledge that democracy is culture rather than process. I often raised question how cruel the recent government dealt with state like they have government in Punjab for last 10 years, why they did not made civil institutions strong enough to tackle pressures, why they not solved bureaucratic reforms or de-politicize them, why we do not spend major capitals on education, why health facilities do not have international standard, the decline in textile industry, agricultural reforms, the least export arena, steel mill and other several civilian institutions. The international audits confirm that we lost 3.7 trillion in recent 5 years because of malpractices in civilian institutions and lack of capability to run them properly. The Rajanpur operation against “chottu gang” clearly reflects the institutional progress of Punjab police. The recent government often raises questions on credibility of NAB but we should question that you have 205 seats in parliament why you do not form credible and de-politicize institutions? The Nawaz league is basically the party which took place in polity after nonparty partisan election, which brought the culture to cultivate the institutions and make the way to hold firm hand on nerves of political system.

I already said above there is lot of criticism on military’s domain but we should reject the old fashioned politics and go for solutions. In Pakistan the main issue is that over few institutions which are out of civilian domains are over developed and other are politically hampered. None of the theory of political science about democracy can bring true sense of democracy, until or unless true democracy can’t develop .The best safeguard against military’s return to power or its active role in the political arena is the removal of causes which produce intervention. As these causes persist in the post- withdrawal periods and viable and participatory political institution processes are the only way to resist developed institution to their domains. Democratization and political development call for evolving the operational norms of polity, a participatory and stout political management, development of democracy among political parties, respect for dissent and emphasis on distributive justice. The democrats should acknowledge that basic towering norms of democracy like freedom of expression, cheap justice, education, health facilities and meritocracy can only bring thirst of democracy among individuals rather than any literature or speeches on democracy. Every institution has its own worth in national building process, if we want democracy to flourish we should focus on institutional imbalances via revolutionary reforms in civilian institutions rather than only criticism on other overdeveloped institutions.

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