The Hustle Bustle and 14th August around the Corner

As the day of 14th august draws close, people around the country illuminates the building with the green lights and embellish schools, public places and houses with green flags. The alluring little stalls by the roadside offers great green variety of stuff fascinating the youth(offering badges, caps, masks and flags). Moreover, public and private institutes prepare their students for different extra curriculum activities. The joyous celebration across the board releases emotions among every Pakistani.

Since Pakistan is the result of continuous struggle of Muslims, innumerable sacrifices of all sorts and the efforts of our leaders. It is considered as delighted to celebrate Independence Day. The celebrations by government are followed by a worth seeing air show hosted by Pakistan air force (PAF), parade of young soldiers, flag hoisting ceremony and sentimental speeches. The capital, the city of lighting Karachi following other big and small cities all observe social gatherings and public events. These events feature folk music, folk songs, cultural shows, and flag waving.

So far the 72nd year anniversary of Pakistan is concerned; people are enthusiastic to celebrate it with twice more zeal as the Naya Pakistan has put forward new hopes. Just as Jashan e Azadi eagerness is looming among the people, the youth is busy preparing themselves for another big day. This year social workers have presented a different campaign. A campaign to make greener Pakistan. Apart, from buying green flags and green badges people are encouraged to buy green plants. With the increasing environmental hazards this new campaign is initiated to control deforestation. It aims to increase the forest and jungle.

The dilemma created by Hindi Urdu controversy sowed the seeds of dissension for each other in 1867. This controversy unfolded Indians loathsome nature for Muslims. This controversy made even moderate Muslims realize that two different nation could not run and live in the same country. Muslims and Hindu could not be friends with vast number of differences which include religious, cultural, social, language and so on.

The result of this Muslims like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who were the strong believers of Hindu-Muslim unity could not with stand their belief anymore. Because Urdu was in Persian script; which was very near to Arabic, this rooted detest in Hindu’s heart. Alike Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, other national leaders raised their voices against unjust attitude towards Muslims. It gives bedrock to two nation theory. Following Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar, Maulana Shaukat Ali, Amma Bi, Ali Anayat, Chaudhrey Rehmat ali, Liaquat Ali, Allama Iqbal and the list goes on, there efforts for the cause of separate nation gave foundation to the making of Pakistan.

Throughout history, there has been great number of people whose existence has altered the course of history.
So is considered as Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. The Muslims of sub-continent were fortunate enough. Quaid e Azam lived the dream of Allama Iqbal and met the ambitions of Chaudhrey Rehmat Ali and named newly independent nation “Pakistan”. Quaid e Azam was a man of belief, the man with stern nature. Pakistan is the consequence of his firm belief and determination.

14th august 1947 is reckon as the national holiday in Pakistan and thousands of people pay tribute to those who made selfless sacrifices for the sake of Pakistan.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to serve the country with what our Quaid anticipated we will. We have been in deep slumber since decades. But still there is time to awake the spirit we are inherited with.

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