Our Ultimate Crisis

Pakistan, a country on the crossroads of South Asia with all its richness, diversity, turbulence and trials has survived for over a considerable period of time now. In a matter of few years it would fortunately enough celebrate its centennial but pretty evidently the unfortunate part lies where one seems coming so far, far less was achieved. The dreams that took on the role of carving out a whole territory for the Muslims of India and for all those who wanted to dwell in a land of tolerance, equality and fraternity were in certainty successful enough to see that territory being shaped out but the ideals gradually obscured out.

“Unity, Faith and Discipline” are words we hear so often but it is a mere happening that we ever see any such ideals and disciplines being practiced and followed. Such phrases and ideas, which may recurrently appear on signboards and textbook covers, are nothing but meaningless words in our lives showing their strength only in school essays to make the text rich enough to gain the desired grades.

That’s where our ultimate crisis and dilemma lies in, that’s where scores of minds are churned in learning factories to be part of an ever blooming but stagnant society. Our ultimate crisis lies in the Education system which is prevalent around us. Not talking about the other illiterate fifty percent of our society but the educated population of our society. I will not talk about the right amount of budget that should be allocated for the Education sector but the 2.5% or a bit more already being spent.

Lack of education , unawareness , undeveloped intellects largely exist in our society , unavailability of education is one of the most primary problems we face but the irony lies in the fact that the part of our society which has access to this privilege lags behind as far as quality of education is concerned, a minute proportion however might seem to be receiving quality education but within this system enshrines a far greater menace that of a socially divided society with its seeds sowed in immature and developing minds , in minds of those who are students.

The educated classes of our society largely comprise on people who attain education for the purpose of being strong bread bearers and the educational institutes also, indulge in creating workers not thinkers, designing mere laborers not creators and producing proletarians who struggle throughout their lives to achieve a certificate of being part of the privileged in our society, thus they reach somewhere forming the middle-middle classes or the upper-middle classes.

No matter how educated our youth today maybe, students of science ambitious to become doctors, pharmacists, or engineers, students of liberal arts aspiring to become politicians, analysts or news reporters, students of creative arts aspiring to become painters, artistes or film producers, when we look on the built of their characters and morals a disturbing scenario is what appears on the on sight. About ten to eleven years of education is attained before entering into Universities and a lot is taught through text books but practically nothing seems to be implied. For instance being environment friendly is a lesson which is more or less part of every curriculum being taught but we seldom see educated circles of our society caring about the well being of environment, religious education is something which begins from home but seldom do we see cleanliness being endorsed practically as a half of what Islam is, power saving is an issue which we live and breathe with but seldom do we see people caring about switching off unnecessary lights and fans and closing taps of running water unless not doing so may cost us a fortune. Tolerance, love and happiness are things which have become irrelevant when we talk about the educated circles of our society, because a good lot of them remain behind what takes in making a career overlooking anything and everything else in their path.

Have we ever questioned ourselves that what does it really takes to be a member and part of a society which enshrines its very name from Purity (PAK) , we dwell in a land which was created on the high marked ideals and principles of faithfulness , honor , discipline , love , tolerance and social welfare , which was created on the basis of this religion which from day one embarked its journey on the principles of equality and fraternity for man, but seldom do we see such characters and personifications around us.

Hopeless, I am not nor anyone reading this should be, I believe in the substance this country has I believe in the color and energy we, the youth of this country have but we need to work on what we lack behind in. We are a nation which emerged from the dreams of the great intellectual Iqbal, set on the great paradigm of the realization of self which isn’t quite achievable without the struggle of molding and reshaping our characters.

Within a number of days the 19th Premier of the country , the PM elect Imran Khan, will take oath and within less than a month we will be celebrating our 71st year of Independence but there is a dire need to reflect over the fact that are we only growing in age or there is progress otherwise too 230; ? Now that we see a wave of change in the roars and echoes of the masses we really ready need to see some serious working being done.

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