No Naya Pak Can Be Formed Unless We Become Naya

It has been more than 15 days to elections 2018. The Pti (Pakistan Tehreek Insaf) emerged as the majority party by wining major number of National assembly seats. People throughout Pakistan seem happy with the new (to be) prime minister. Youth of Pakistan was seen most excited and they celebrated it with zeal and zest.

Pakistani’s do desperately want to see Imran khan as the new prime minister in power. However, on the contrary the opposite parties want to establish a joint government. So that they could enjoy the perks and privileges for another 5 years. Yet, no doubt Imran Khan is all set to become the new prime minister of Pakistan with the majority of support. It is not just triumph for Imran Khan in elections; however, it is the culmination of his 22 year struggle.

All losing parties cried foul. Some parties claiming it as blatant rigging, but it is apparent that nothing would happen to alter the results. The post- election reactions from losing parties are obvious. It needs courage to embrace the bitter reality.

People have high hopes and goals set as Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI) would be in power for the very first time. Pakistani’s have their slogan “A chance to change”. Because Imran Khan always criticized the existing government, so people are excited to see the new changes.

Imran Khan has not only to deal with new Pakistan, but he has to look after the problems of old Pakistan as well. Pakistan is financially unstable at the moment. People around the world wonder, with an economic crisis looming, will the new prime minister able to fulfill his promises of forming new Pakistan? Moreover, will he root out the corruption from the country?

To all the Pakistani’s it is our Pakistan, it is Quaid’s Pakistan, and it is the symbol of memorial sacrifice of our ancestors.

Imran khan alone could not alter the fate of Pakistan. Certainly, he needs the support of youth, women and men. It is not the responsibility of Imran Khan alone to make Pakistan “naya Pakistan” nevertheless, it is the duty of every citizen. The people of the country are pillars. It is our choice what we sow today either good or bad but it will ultimately affect our tomorrow. Politicians reflect the goodness of its society. Peace and Prosperity come with the people living in a nation. A society where peace is absent, the vacuum is filled with violence. Now, it is our duty to support our leader’s vision. I believe unless we change, no naya Pakistan can be formed.

To all those spreading hate speeches and playing blame games. Ladies and gentlemen what do you get after cursing each other’s parties and bashing opposing party’s chairman? It is vague why we are so ignorant. The people spreading such hate speeches are no less than menace to the society. The loathsome status you put on your accounts grow hatred in others heart. The little mindsets have caused a lot of hatred.

It is Imran Khan’s turn. He has given hope to many Pakistani’s and now he has to live the promises. But it will take time certainly, it will not happen instantly.

I could not cast the vote as i am underage. So i am playing my part by giving words to my thoughts and presenting it to the Pakistani’s. I was supporting no party and intended to be neutral. Because it is our cause, it is our Pakistan. It is our duty. It is our future.

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  1. tar says

    My dear “under age”writer, first grow up before you understand and comment on Pakistan’s dirty politics. It is not as simple as you put forward…People are well aware who instituted blame game, disturbed public peace, cursed the elected parliament, scared foreign dignitaries from coming to Pakistan, openly announced to overthrow the government, criticized ECP/ judiciary and finally were put to throne with the clutches of ISI with rigged elections…..This is the reality of Nia Paksitan. We still pray Allah protect Paksitan….but from history I can assure you that we do not need a Nia Pakistan…Pakisitan already exists with established rules and law….we do not need a new Quaid-e-Azam with a new slogan….All we need to implement is what Pakistan was created for and WHO SHOULD RULE THE COUNTRY……something we have failed to learn from our dark political history… and something our establishments shies away from admitting….Unless this fundamental issue of power allocation which is clearly stated in our constitution is practically implemented Pakistan will continue to see political turmoil in terms of hide and seek between military-civilian rule. We will see changes in faces/slogans with ground situation unchanged.

  2. Aiman. says

    I m “underage” to vote that does not mean i m dummy or fool. I understand the politics of pakistan as well as the nature of people living in. Very first of all i didn’t say we need naya quaid with naya slogan. Secondly, i m pretty sure you were not present at every polling station to vitness the blatant rigging. And yes Admit it or not public peace is shaken by our ownself. Most importantly, I was political neutral throughtout my writing. Either you did not understand my blog or you were eager to comment something fool. All my concern was to awake the pakistani from deep slumber. But from your comment it is apparent i m failed!

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