BJP is sowing seeds of Never-Ending Hatred in India!

The current era of Narendra Modi’s premiership – since 2014 – has put India into a swamp of never ending hatred. Hatred is at rampage everywhere. In fact, there is official patronage of hatred. Muslims are being murdered barbarically in the name of cow protection, mere on the basis of suspicion. Women are being raped and killed routinely in India. Hindu extremists, like alleged convicts of Jharkhand Lynching case are being felicitated and garlanded by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Union Minister Jayant Sinha. And if someone dares to expose BJP’s oppressing agenda, he is declared well-wisher of Muslims as it is a heinous crime in ruling party’s agenda to stand with oppressed, particularly with Muslims of India. Nobody can dare to underscore the savage pathway where BJP is steering India.

The question is what are the long term consequences of these policies? Is it good to thrash almost 180 million Muslims of India? How far BJP can go with its policies of hatred? Hatred has started flowing in the blood of most of Indians because of official patronage of this crime. People have started taking law into their own hands. It shows either their mistrust in Law Enforcing Institutions or they are confident that nobody will ask them about their unlawful acts. The current spate of mob lynching has perished scores of Indians just because of whatsapp rumors in these months. Rumors were spread on whatsapp in many areas of India that there are kidnappers of children. After such rumors Indians killed many people just because of suspicion. Nobody cared for handing over suspects to police; instead they delivered street justice by their own.

Women are being raped and murdered barbarically without fear of legal persecution. It seems as people have lost the sense of pain and miseries of others. They don’t realize the pain of death of others. Only suspicion is enough for cold-blooded murders.

These escalating tensions within Indian society have transformed it into a “Hatred Bomb” that can explode badly at any time in future as we saw in Rakhine state of Myanmar last year. If that happens in India at any time, BJP’s current setup can’t shred the responsibility because what they are sowing today would be reaped in future. One episode of such explosion of hatred bomb had already occurred in Gujarat riots, 2002, when Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. In those riots thousands of Muslims were killed and Muslim women were raped and torched alive.

These ruthless murders depict the cruelty that prevails in the minds of people. Killing of Muslims by cow protection vigilantes just because of suspicion is making them think if India is only for Hindus. Muslim blood is becoming cheaper even than water in India.

Double standard of BJP is another dilemma of this time. On one side it is piling up pressure on Malaysia to extradite Dr. Zakir Naik, whom Government wants to arrest on charges of alleged hate speeches, while on the other side hate speakers of BJP are at large to spread hatred openly. They are enjoying unprecedented impunity.

World has become a ‘Global Village’ now. Gone are the days when the people didn’t know what’s happening in nearby areas. Now, news spread at immensely high pace. India’s hypocrisy can’t remain a secret now. On one side of picture, India is vying for membership of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on basis of its Muslim Population and it has friendly relations with Arab Muslim Countries, but on the other side of picture Muslims are becoming the most persecuted community in India just because of BJP’s anti-Muslim agenda.

The news of persecution of Muslims for the sake of cow-protection are wide on International media but Indians always scold International media for covering these news which, according to them, is their internal matter. Similarly daily based rapes and murders of women are also considered internal matter of India. They think that this is none of world’s business. Their main focus always remains defaming and isolating Pakistan internationally.

Eid-ul-Adha is nearing, with the fears of more lynching incidents and killings in India for the sake of cow protection. Modi government is not at all interested in the protection of its Muslim Population. This issue needs more coverage on International Media to realize Indian government that when murders of a particular community are at rampage within a state, it’s not an internal matter. International community needs to ramp up pressure on Indian Government to adopt all strategies to put a block on ruthless murders of Muslims and rapes of women in India.

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  1. Farooq Minhas says

    Truly, a real picture of India which was being hidden from us!
    Modi is more interested in Pakistan Affairs, not concerned about Indian Muslims.

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