From Dreams to Deeds

After a lot of struggle and hard work of 22 years, Imran khan has succeeded in achieving his goal and is very close to becoming the next Prime minister of Pakistan. In his political carrier, he faced huge problems but never lost hope. This man used to say in mass gatherings that he will ameliorate the situation of Pakistan, make a Naya-Pakistan, for instance, improving health and education sectors on frontline. He also said that he will show his government’s performance within hundred days after being elected as PM. But, it is very hard for him to do something in so much little time especially when this country is facing internal and external threats to a large extent.

Internally, the country is facing problems of illiteracy, poverty, energy and infrastructure issues. Political opposition to PTI government is going to be another critical issue for Imran Khan, consisting of three major parties, PPP, PMLN, JUI-F. It is supposed to be the strongest opposition in political history of Pakistan which will try its best to resist the becoming-PM’s policies and enrage people against the government in case of any mishap by PTI leadership.

Externally, Pakistan is surrounded by many problems and terrorism is the major problem. Implications of Instability in Afghanistan are cited in Pakistan because the border of Pakistan connecting Afghanistan is very large, around 2250km, and is very difficult to control border infiltration. CPEC is a project of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Pakistan which is under construction and it estimated that it will yield huge profit to both China and Pakistan. So, America is trying hard to prevent Pakistan from completing this project because due to this, China can attain the equal power of USA. Kashmir issue is the bone of contention between Pakistan and India. So, India would try every tactic to pressurize Pakistan by creating political as well as economic chaos in the country.

Apparently, Kaptaan has so far achieved his dreams of becoming PM of Pakistan. However, with premiership, the challenges have just begun and soon, it will be known to him that how many twenties make a hundred. His 22 years of political career is on one side and the next 5 years of his government are on the other side, the coming 5 years will decide if his name should be written with golden words.

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