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Mission Impossible – Fallout is directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who returned behind the camera after helming 2015’s Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation. The Mission Impossible – Fallout is the movie that’s well written and beautifully directed by Christopher McQuarrie. Christopher McQuarrie has written a number of Tom Cruise spotlights, including “Valkyrie,” “Edge of Tomorrow,” “Jack Reacher,” and Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol.”

Tom Cruise, of course, reprises his role as Ethan Hunt, the spy on the Impossible Missions Force who is trying to save the world from a terrorist attack that involves three spheres of deadly plutonium. Cruise continues to elevate his performance, further establishing his spot as one of Hollywood’s most renowned action stars. Film and all the action scenes proved that there is no other star who can match the 56-year old Cruise‘s age defying nerve and commitment.

Fallout’s one huge strength is that the action is consistently riveting. The action is all clear and tightly shot. The film leapfrogs from Belfast to Paris to London to mountains of Kashmir, and throughout we get seven major action pieces. As spy Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), skydives out of a plane while lightning bolts light up the clouds, dangles by rope from a helicopter that’s whirling through a craggy mountain canyon, motorbikes at collision speed through Paris without helmet, leaps across tall, tall buildings in London and in one astonishing sequence.

The movie is filled with a lot of thrilling moments; one of its most dazzling is the HALO jump. The Royal Air Force would only allow Cruise to do the stunt from 12000 feet, not 25000 feet, which would be a true HALO jump. Anyhow Tom didn’t want to fake it. He wanted to do it for real at 25000 feet.

The veteran actor sustained an injury to his ankle while filming a stunt. Cruise was supposed to jump from one building to another and hit the side before climbing up, but accidentally crashed into the wall and broke his ankle.   .

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), along with Pals Luther (Ving Rhames) and Benji (Simon Pegg), has to prevent a nuclear holocaust while trying to fathom the motives of a mysterious CIA agent named August Walker (Cavill). The women in Hunt’s life, British agent Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) and estranged wife Julia Meade (Michelle Monaghan, are also back, providing a poignant love triangle of sorts to further raise the stakes.

The plot of the film concerns the efforts of Tom Cruise and his team to stop the efforts of a mysterious, nihilistic terrorist, who has written an apocalyptic, Steve Bannon-like manifesto about the necessity of massive destruction. Solomon Lane still figures in the plot as a prisoner whose pawn among various governments, while Alec Bladwin and Angela Basset return as rival bureaucrats.

Mission Impossible – Fallout; the best action- thriller of the year so far and making so many records all around the world.

Please remember to pick your jaw up off the floor when leaving the theater.

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