Makeup is Not Your Identity

There is a myth existing in our society since ages that makeup is a girlish tool and it enhances beauty. Since the time of hunters and gatherers society, when men used to gather food through hunting and women stayed home for taking care of their offspring’s and other household chores, this mindset assumed that men are strong enough to hunt and earn bread, whereas women are just to sit at home and to look after the house hold stuff. Back in the era men used to be hairy, rough skinned, and tough, and women used to wear different fragrances, and colors on lips and cheeks extracted from different plants and trees as it was ritual of human culture. Castor oil as a lip balm, rosewater, olive oil, beeswax were used by Greece, Roman, Egypt women according to the book Esther.

Nowadays, makeup has become a challenge and factor to bash girls. Girls are being bullied if they don’t do makeup, maintain themselves, and look presentable. People being critical keep on pointing out the makeup girl is wearing, or if they don’t, they assume them to be too ugly or old fashioned to follow glamorization. Subsequently, this develops a sense of inferiority, and they unconsciously do attempts to look attractive. They feel themselves less in front of every single girl rather thinking that everybody is beautiful in different ways. They endure much criticism and sense of envy controls their mind. Regardless of the fact that, beauty has no parameters to judge because every single person is appealing, and attractive with, or without makeup whatever they feel comfortable in.

So, different arguments generate. For instance, if girls do makeup, they are not naturally pretty. Some don’t like to do so, they don’t have a fashion sense as per people. In contrast to this, boys look handsome, in messy hair, without shave, in beard, with wrinkles and scars but they flaunt them perfectly. Why is that so? Why to apply makeup is the only prerequisite element these days for girls rather boys look good even with their natural face?

Girls who do makeup are bullied in other ways that, “Oh, she is hiding her insecurities”, “Look at her she wears tons of makeup”, “She isn’t comfortable in her own skin”, “She is very ugly bared face”. Boys on the other hand getting facial, manicure, pedicure, these days but not been bullied. Let’s just clear this stance that makeup, and beauty tools are not gender specified also they are not our identity. If somebody does, accept them, if somebody doesn’t do not hit them. If boys accept themselves the way they are, why girls find it so difficult to accept them as they are? This sense of inferiority and not looking good dwells in girls pathetically. Level of acceptance and appreciation becomes nil automatically. They try to disguise someone else’s identity and start finding themselves in others.

World is enough to berate us since eons. In the world full of scars be a sunshine not for others but for yourself. Do makeup for yourself not to impress boys, or any other existing creature. Don’t do makeup to hide your insecurities. Do it because you love it. You! Flaunt your flaws, get out of the beauty stigma of society. Everybody is exceptionally beautiful. Black skin doesn’t require fake white, white skin doesn’t require fake tan. Every single hue is natural and alluring. Makeup isn’t our identity. It’s just a tool. It isn’t gender specified. Anyone can use it. Be yourself and try to recognize yourself as it is, no matter if somebody is fat, thin, black, white, black hair, brown hair, chubby or lean, tall or short. Self-acceptance and self-recognition are the basic things we need to inculcate in our boys and girls. Beauty is in the eye of beholder. Be the one who possess all the beauty inside the heart and takes out in the form of words. Try to appreciate others, and the positive energy will automatically generate within us. Be a person with good thoughts, because thoughts reflect on face no matter if you’ve pinched nose, yellow teeth, and double chin whatsoever. Be a person with good positive thoughts.

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  1. MAH E NAO says

    Absolutely true! beatuy lies in the eyes of beholder.
    You nailed it girl. You’re changing the ambiance already and I assure you this intervention is gonna take up all the fairies to new heights❤❤

  2. Minahil says

    Beautiful! ❤

  3. Gull says

    what makes a human is inside of you. Makeup is a matter of choice!
    Wonderfully penned.

  4. Amna Ali says

    Thank you girls!!

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