Science and Religion are Sides of Same Coin

Since the very birth of science, it is being thought that the religion and science are at war with each other’s denial of existence or need. Scientists tend to believe that we have the complete picture of universe due to the increasing knowledge of Cosmology, Physics, Biology and mathematics

Based on their assumption, the need for any Super Power is just unnecessary. After the comparative genomic studies of life on earth, we have a clear and broader picture of evolutionary relationship among them. Scientific studies have led us to the understanding of complex chemical reactions between atoms and molecules. Physics helped us to understand the physiology of earth and Cosmology; we can now claim to know what happened to our universe as early as a tiny fraction of a second after the Big Bang.

Nothing wrong about the above scientific achievements we claim but there are several unanswered questions which make the defying of God’s existence bit difficult. The list of questions starts from the purpose of the creation of this entire universe. How all the quarks suddenly bunched in threes to form protons and neutrons, their electrical charges set precisely to the exact level needed to attract and capture the electrons, which then began to circle nuclei made of the protons and neutrons? For nothing!?

We talk about the big bang, and what happened after the big bang but we don’t know why this happened and from where this immense energy came. We know the prokaryotic life – a simpler one converted into eukaryotic life – a complex one. They say, as per the endosymbiosis hypothesis, by engulfing bacteria with distinctive features that get incorporated into the prokaryotes and became organelles like chloroplast and mitochondria. Question is how prokaryotic life came into being?

Today we have technology our forefathers never dreamt of. We have humanoids that can work and interact with actual humans. Artificial intelligence and brain-like neural networks (ANNs) have made some of these humanoids more powerful than human’s intellect. How we did all this? What is it that allows humans to understand the mysteries of biology, physics, mathematics, engineering and medicine? And what enables us to create great works of art, music, architecture and literature? Science is nowhere near to explaining these deep mysteries.

Fact is, nature is very complex and our knowledge (Science) is just in its embryonic stage.  To explain the quantum-mechanical behaviour of even one tiny particle requires pages and pages of extremely advanced mathematics. Why even the tiniest particles of matter are so unbelievably complicated? It appears that there is a vast, hidden “wisdom,” or structure, or knotty blueprint for even the most simple-looking element of nature.

Science and Religion are sides of same coin, earlier trying to explain what is life and later is about the purpose of life.

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