Self-image and Success

Self-image is the way you see yourself in imaginary world. The main reason why our self-image is so strong is the behavior that never changes in our internal records. It tells you how to behave or to act with yourself and what kind of a person you are. Many people can’t realize their self-image until they look at themselves. Self-image is so powerful that we all have seen many people who are attractive but think that they are ugly, fat, thin, or obese so they unconsciously do sabotage attempts to make themselves attractive and do not represent themselves at their best and then people automatically find them unattractive as they fail to make themselves eye-catching.

There are many celebrities whose star rise but then brought back to the ground by the gravitational pull due to lack and limitation of self-image. The way you think of yourself also affect people to treat you like the way you feel. So we are constantly letting other people know how to treat us by the way we are treating ourselves. It’s rare that our outer success change our self-image. Sometimes no matter how much we have on the outside bigger house, bigger car, and more money. It will never satisfy us if our inside is not happy. “There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge” Napoleon hill.

Everyone is surrounded with three selves. At our core is the authentic self. The reality of whom and what we really are from the depth of our heart. The purified self, that’s the most hidden and covered self we never show to others, then it is the most negative one, the weirdest, foibles, and unabashed, guilty, fearful, shameful, and unauthentic self that is hidden under thousands of curtains. We constantly hide our negative self even we do not listen to the voice of our authentic self. Third one is hiding fears, insecurities, complexes, inadequacies, and lacks of confidence all these things are covered up with the upper most layer of our pretending self. The only self we show to the world. This is the only self we struggle hard to maintain in front of others. It’s the crown of all.

There will be chances to work with successful people. Many of them create an outer veneer just to hide their personal and inner insecurities. They show off their achievements and accomplishments, like wealth, status, and intellectual gaining just to prove that they are not that worthless they feel inside. Sometimes in life people become famous, make money, and create all the opportunities for a better life ahead but still feel empty inside. There is no reason why a person still feels empty if he has all the luxuries of a successful life. Even when they have everything they ever wanted? There are people who criticize eight times and praise may be once or sometimes not. They can be our friends, teachers, parents, relatives and family members who motivate or de-motivate every time, every min, every sec, and we soak up all the negative messages, forgetting about the positive vibes in our surroundings. These are the people with low self-esteem who undermine just to make themselves feel recovered and superior. The only word that can describe them properly is baffled mind and puzzled personalities, because of these people we grow up but our self-image don’t. There are so many people who try to achieve what they want to have in their lives, but they can’t just because of pressed and oppressed minds. This easily sinks into their self-image, because their image is laid down by others actions and opinions and not by them. That’s the reason people compensate their feelings of inadequacy and those who try to let them down every second are the reason of the poor self-image within them.

People we think are the inspiration of our society are the secret “self-haters” sometimes. The bigger the jewelry the smaller the self-image as it is said. So we should let go off toxic people from our lives, who are the real devastation to our self-image and success. We are giving them a gateway to come and destroy us. We should stop abusing ourselves by coming in others influence and try to thank for each and every blessing we earn for the sake of a better life. Gratification and self-love lead to a better life. Life would be changed forever if we start promoting what our heart says. Life will be more beautiful if we will try to focus on our inner selves more than the outer appearance. We will be more satisfied and gratified if we try to look forward towards the beauty of what we have instead of hiding inferiorities.

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  1. Ayyaz Ali says

    Very Well Written Article ! Motivational & To The Point…

  2. Binte Waheed says

    MaShaAllaH. You’ve portrayed all of the current situations of a commom growing soul in this time. As many of us face the same situations, hatred and some times, holding grudges regarding such people who demotivates us aslo become a reason to our downfall!
    I personally appreciate you for bringing light towards this Common but mostly avoided factor of life!
    Keep it up! ❤

  3. Amna Ali says

    Thank you, for your appreciation means a bunch to me.

  4. Arooj ali says

    A very much thought Provoking Article … highly appreciated Amna … keep going And fly high….

  5. Amna Ali says

    Thankyou so much!!

  6. Gull says

    There is no harm in self-love and self-caring. Beauty inside never gets outta fashion.
    Build, love and gratification are all it takes. Loved this article to core! Wonderful.

  7. Mah e Nao says

    Beautifully composed and definitely a booster for those who feel worthless even when they surround a whole new world.

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