Be it the wedding apparel of a bride or a bouquet of fresh roses expressing love, whether it is your crimson car or the ruby heels for an evening event, no matter they are mouthwatering cherries or a dusting of chili-red paprika in some Spanish cuisine, red is the most dominating of all colors. Passion, romance, energy, joy, desire…. Certainly! Red is beautiful but hold a second, lust, rage, anger, danger, malice, and wrath also wear the costume of red. Red is no more attractive when it bleeds. Indeed red is beautiful but not always…

The same joyful red turns awful when it mixes with tincture iodine with a hope that it will heal the physical wounds as the ones on soul always left an eternal mark behind. Red becomes heart-wrenching when it flows. It should not be astonishing if Global Terrorism Index (GTI) has profiled Pakistan second amongst the countries most affected by terrorism as 200 plus coffins have been laid to rest in just 7 months of 2018. Pounding hearts, scattered human parts, smell of burning flesh, screaming hearts, mourning mothers and devastated families. Ahh! This is an exceptionally excruciating form of red.

Rape! One of the worst shades of red is overshadowing all other dyes of color palette with lightning speed. The number of reported rape cases was 2702 i.e. 7 per day in 2015 which rose to 3378 in 2017 i.e. 9 per day, reveals Punjab Gender Parity Report (PGPR) 2018. By the time you will be done with watching a movie and munching on a jumbo pack of fries, the soul of another fragile fairy would have been torn apart.

Red when wear the hat of wrath becomes violence and trust me, this shade of him is as ruthless as others are. In Punjab only, around 3 women a day (904 in total) became the victim of domestic violence last year, reports disclose.

Agony, vulnerability, screeching, helplessness, sobbing and tearing vitality when is amalgamated after multiplying with infinity result in another dreadful tinge of red i.e. Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). As high as 3,445 children were reported to be sexually abused last year, according to ‘Cruel Numbers’. Please do not overlook the word ‘reported’ in the previous sentence as it is just the tip of the iceberg.

You might be peeping through this blog while sitting in your lounge with your kids giggling around but this is not the universal truth for all the adolescents. Print media monitoring of ‘reported’ cases by SAHIL discloses that 143 children were thrusted in child marriages last year. The number of unreported cases must be high manifolds where, in 89% of reported cases, they were girls. Girl Brides….

With reeking smoldering soul

Tactility, turning charcoal

Disconsolate pounding heart

Sanctity falling part

Chastity was extracted

And girl bride contracted

Red should actually be one of the shades of the beautifully knit rug of life but alas, that is not the case. Its evil shades are overriding all other emblems of life. I wish I had a magic wand to vanish away all the wicked tints and sow only the happy shades of red everywhere. In every nook and corner… Just a wish…

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  1. Samina Mushtaq says

    Great piece indeed. I had never thought about color like that earlier.

  2. Malik says

    Great one.

  3. Star Dust says

    Great one. Please also add statistics about acid attacks.

  4. Dr S Bashir says

    Hearth touching truth and unfortunate reality.

  5. Ishtiaq Hussain says

    This inspirational writing is “a kind of powerful magic wand” that authors is hoping to possess. It will do wonders.

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