Be the change to yourself first, then expect from others

What do you think, is it easy to change yourself?
Or Is it easy to change others first?

Those days are gone when there was one story a long time ago… Once upon a time we have protected your great  grand father blah blah blah… and fool generations to believe on that to drive benefits from them. Earn vote came into power then only earn money for them self.

I think there are some people who are still living in the past. That is not their mistake. That is because they failed to change them self. Now it is a time one have to deliver every time he gets into power, to retain his seat his position and his worth. Very high hopes from this government could do better for Pakistan.

I guess the parties which failed are still crying, they should accept their defeat. Unfortunately, as a nation we always cry when we loose. Crying is the one perfect job we are doing since our child hood. Even while we use to play cricket on our streets, the parties who lost always accepted their defeat and I guess that is what we call a sportsman spirit.

Governing bodies did a really good job they knew everybody would cry afterwards. Therefore they have already efficiently conducted a survey for the report of free and fair elections.  They have the CCTV footages of polling booths.

Now the government that has been elected by the nation has much heavier responsibilities. They don’t have any chance to make mistakes or to try something.  Because the opponents are more stronger. They have all other reasons to come again into government except delivering things to people.  Imran Khan has no other reason except to deliver, focus and not to make any wrong move.

The speech Imran Khan gave was phenomenal. It can be easily distinguished that now you have chosen a right person. He showed complete maturity with a good and set objectives or directions to start his government. He didn’t showed any high hopes or any blame game for the previous government.

Lastly people who can’t change there mind set. I know it is although very difficult for everyone to change. But, try to change yourself because change is good for you, your family, your surroundings and for everyone around you.

Change is good for Future development and Growth. It applies to an Individual or a Country. Try to change yourself then expect from others.

A change is what differs a human from an animal…. So be the change.

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  1. Qais says

    I strongly agree with IK that one must change oneself in order to suggest or advice others. IK has proved that previously and will continue to stick to his words. simplicity is also practices and taught by our Holy Prophet PBUH in his all life. I believe in the leadership of IK, Pakistan Insha Allah will flourish and people of Pakistan should adopt the simplicity in any way since we under huge debts.

  2. Zaid Khan says

    IMRAN KHAN is the man for positive change, to improve he has always made change, be it cricket, own life or politics, he always made changes for the better. He’s the man for the job.


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