Politic Steps vs Politics of Adventurism  

Too many with bucketful of dreams of a prosperous Pakistan, the convictions in quick succession and resultant disqualifications of politicos from almost every mainstream political party in Pakistan augurs the independence of judiciary, is being applauded by masses as welcome step towards breaking the ‘check not the powerful ‘ taboo in Pakistan’s context the political fate of many bigwigs seems to be hanging in balance.

Though the recent steps in the wake of  suo moto notices by the Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar have, by the justice-hungry section of society,  been regarded as a good omen for elevation of malfeasance-plagued social system, the verdicts propelling ouster of politicians from the July 25 General Elections don’t sit well with the  champions of democracy upholding  the supremacy of  the lawmaking house over the law interpreting institution.

Those who dispute the role of the judiciary as judicial activism at the expense of democracy epitomize special pleading to save their skin and their cronies. Their argument does not stand logical if seen in the light of political parties and leading politicians’ part in prompting martial laws in rivalry of incumbent democratic government in a clandestine manner. Adding insult to the injury the toppling of a rival party government by another party sitting on opposition benches to come to power through collusion has also shaped bad political annals of Pakistan.

The description of PML-N versus PPP power play back in the 80s and 90s bears testimony to the more damaging blow dealt with democracy by democratic forces themselves than otherwise.  Such pyrrhic victory of political parties has proved to be a juggernaut for the nation stunting the development of the motherland. Under compelling human nature those seeking justice recognize no limits of institutions, and do welcome a step towards their well being as a divine help. And, for the down-trodden strata hoping against hope, such a role of Judiciary is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. 

The role of judiciary buttressed by public applause to retrieve the situation of social justice has at large scale been hailed.  While seen through the lens of history the mindset behind  stoking the controversy about the visionary steps by the Supreme Court  is the very same as has in the past been ardent supporter of the notion of necessity (‘Nazria e Zururat’)  paving way for martial laws that perverted course of progress of the country owing to curbs on institutions’ free functioning.

On the one hand, the select bevy of  politicians delegates powers to a dictator through prostitution of parliament on mere  excuse of ‘the need of the hour’, on the other the same elements ridicule judiciary for striping them off the (absolute) power grabbed through elected dictatorship, over abuse of institutions for their greed of gains at the cost of  public interest .

The malice ingrained in such politicians vis a vis role of the apex court in overturning status quo the country is afflicted with for decades maintained by virtue of despotic and sham democratic governments, is based on a fear of loss of their clout haunting them worst thanks to the judiciary. In pursuance of the same influence, they have made the most of ‘Nazria e Zururat’ at the cost of democracy and the sanctity of parliament.

In, what has been seen by most  as a blatant display of opportunism practiced by the so-called visionary politicians , the latest episode of  ditching parties their ideological base could be witnessed being crushed under the feet in a stampede to ride the bandwagon of an emerging party or faction or an alliance as is evident from concentration of seasonal birds perched at PTI turned refugees camp, GDA, others. Similarly, while harking back, founded on the most trumpeted  ‘rising above personal gains in the national interest’  the advent of  PML-Q in this context looks to serve as a historically evident reference to trampling the ideology in pursuit of temporal petty gains.

The recent spree of hurling ridicule and insults at the Apex Court by PML-N loyalists after rendering of disqualification verdict against the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Panama Leaks Case speaks volumes of the regard for judiciary had by Politicians in general and PML-N in particular.

The Supreme Court Attack Case still subsists in memory serving as a sample picture for ample knowledge of how the act of trespass was inflicted on a constitutional body and that how  the apex court was ransacked by PML-N wallahs  the party which flayed PTI for hurting the sanctity of parliament by its workers whilst staging sit-in outside parliament in Islamabad back in 2014.

In the recent episode of an anti-judiciary tirade in the wake of electoral disqualification of PML-N candidates under charges of false declaration of assets and contempt of court conveys enough about the observance of regard for institutions by those who have lead chanting the mantra of upholding the sanctity of institutions and functioning within constitutional ambit.

Long story short, in case of legal action albeit a bit delayed, in a post-truth politics has to lead to a reshuffle of cards with ‘Political victimization’  card, as always, at the top at by those being nabbed, to shield their ill-gotten moolah, laying blame on one institution or the other.

For the sake of being still optimistic, a healthier Pakistan should be hoped amid the persistent positive shift in public opinion about a changed Pakistan whose existence is in the offing after general elections and a check on malfunctioning of public institutions and financial corruption by the top court as a welcome politic step.

Hope rekindles!

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