People reveling in PTI’s winning position

People’s eyes are on the verge of seeing Imran Khan to be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan with leading the country towards improvement, development, advancement, economic stability, prosperity and enlightenment. They believe that with him winning the general elections, PTI will prove itself to be clean beneficial for Pakistan, as its predecessors propelled the country in the state of turmoil, and close on destruction.

The majority of the people of Pakistan are disappointed with, rather sick of the PPP and PMLN. They are of the view that both the parties had failed miserably to render their earnest efforts for the development, progress, and prosperity of Pakistan; and had not come up to their expectations despite that they got a cosmic opportunity to be in the government again and again.

They contend that both of the parties: PMLN and PPP are steeped in a plenty of corruption insofar as the party leadership, let alone any Tom Dick and Harry of the party, is found guilty of gulping down the billion rupees and are confronting with the cases of the money laundering.

The ex-president, Nawaz Sharif, of PMLN, although remained third-time Prime Minister of Pakistan (and don’t forget that it is an absolutely great honour to become PM for three times) did not put concerted and laudable efforts into making Pakistan and people of Pakistan great except for the revival of some prominent places, construction of roads, and maintaining of health and education system in some cities of Punjab, and that is not the matter to be proud of; it is rather the fundamental right of the every citizen of Pakistan to have an easy access to the basic facilities.

Nawaz Sharif no doubt did an acclaimed job establishing the military jails and making an NAP( National Action Plan) in an effort to wipe out the terrorism from Pakistan and especially from terror-cum-panic-stricken cities. Yet again to the majority’s despair, what he should have done has not done; he has not even met their wishes and his own commitments; and what’s more surprising, was convicted of corruption and money laundering, which was what brought a disrespect to Pakistan.

In the view of most of the people of Pakistan,  PTI has become an instrument for bringing the revolution against the corrupt influential uncouth tycoons, against the so-called wanton feudal lords in the interior of Sindh, and against those who believe their vote bank hinges upon auction and threats.

The revolution has come now; people are looking forward to change. They believe in independent voting based on truth, trust, honesty, reliability and work. They say they would vote to the person who deserves the most, and deny the politics of auctioning of votes, threatening, kidnapping and closing of salaries of local government servants. “Time had gone now when we used to cast vote under the influence of the powerful persons involved,” they say.

It is the PTI which, people believe, is of no match and will be instrumental in maintaining the effective and competent government, independent judiciary and law and order situation and setting the country on the road to evolution and development, when in government. PTI government will set an example to the coming Pakistani generation and to the world that people would keep applauding in appreciation.

People’s spirits are high that the changes are in the wind, the progress is on the way, Pakistan is going to be transformed from old into new one, and from unhappy into happy country where there will be prevailing of peace, justice, accountability, freedom, equity, and law and order situation. The elimination of terrorism, genocide, honour killing, feudalism, nepotism, and favourtism is imminent.

Everywhere I go I find people basking into rapture saying that they would cast vote for PTI at any cast, and it would win. According to the masses, as is manifest, the candidate, his nature and behaviour, and what he did and how he remained in the past doesn’t make any difference; what matters to them is that which party he currently appertains to; and if the candidate belongs to PTI, they say they would definitely cast vote for him, no matter whether the person had a disgraceful past.

In response to a question as to what they say about the strategy of the party leadership, as it has given the tickets to those who have a disgusting past, and looted them in the name of other parties and now are the same faces but different parties, they say that they have no objection on the selection of the candidates with the leadership in that they can better decide than them on who to select, and who can win; and that they embrace the decision of Imran Khan and fully respect the candidates with tickets of PTI.

As the elections are nearing, the people are bursting into zeal and zest, the anxiety is proliferating, and the grit and gumption to acquire a win casting votes for the parties they support is surging to the degree that PTI’s supporters volunteer their paramount time and laudable services going door to door for making the masses cognisant of importance of casting vote and persuading them into casting vote for PTI candidates so as increase their vote bank.

So far as the current affairs and our analysis are concerned, PTI can come into power through forming a coalition with GDA (Grand Democratic Alliance) and MQM, plus independent candidates, but Imran’s holding a premiership is involved, and is an uphill achievement. But our prayers are with the PTI, with Imran Khan, with the revolution, with the new Pakistan.



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