Violence against women: a problem still to be solved

What are societal issues?
Issues that involve some kind of inconvenience or disorder require a solution, but when a problem appears, it is difficult to reach an objective. We live in a society with new values, and accompanying this new way of life gets to the new concerns, such as the issues that involve our life. Social, on the other hand, is an adjective that refers to what is linked to the society.

What I think is that the social problem arises when many people fail to satisfy their basic needs. That a sector of the population does not achieve access to health services, violence, child abuse, education, food or housing, etc. The government will be in charge of developing the social policies necessary to reverse the social problem in question and, in this way, improve the quality of life of the people. Today we will talk about the violence against the women. Let us see, what I have for you!

The world is our home, and every person in the world should have the same benefits, opportunities and changes, no matter in whichever country they are born. Unfortunately, the situation is not exactly like that. There are many developing countries still facing serious social problems. All these countries and especially the people who live in them need our help and our support. It is important to understand the social reality since it allows asking questions about the contemporary problem that are presented and that are of interest.

How to identify the underlying matter of women violence?
This is achieved through critical and proactive attitudes, and through the use of theoretical methods, practices and concerns. It is important to consider that violence against women is closely influenced by the phenomenon of globalization!

Well, there arise countless questions in my mind that why do many women endure the physical and psychological mistreatment of their partner? Why do not they report before? And, if they do, why do they often feel guilty and withdraw the complaint? The tradition of male superiority generates in women the obligation to respect the authority of the father or the couple. The risk, in case it disobeys, is the loss of love, the valuation of being a good wife and mother.

Commonly, family violence against women is associated with physical abuse, which is usually the most evident and can be measured more easily according to the indicators established by the criminal law. However, violence against women affects not only their physical and psychological integrity; affects, among others, their right to freedom, to security, to health, their right not to receive inhuman and humiliating treatment, to freedom of association, to freedom of transit, to freedom of work, to property and, even, to life.

Many of the women who suffer family violence live in a context of lack of autonomy, in which their behavior is permanently monitored. Most of the women said that their husband or partner exercised some form of control over them, out of jealousy, accusations of infidelity, insistence on knowing where they are going, among others.

Violence against women is due to existing patterns in our culture that promote the belief of male superiority in relationships between family and couple and, consequently, their supposed right to control and punish them with violence, whether physical or psychological, that It can even reach femicide. It is important to emphasize that its origin cannot be attributed to poverty or overcrowding, alcohol or lack of education, violence affects millions of women in our country, regardless of their economic, social or educational level. On the contrary, violence against women is essentially learned and reinforced permanently through school, the media, peer groups, games, etc.

In my opinion the social tolerance that persists is the most visible consequence of the lack of implementation of prevention policies. The statistical figures for abused women, girls and boys have not experienced a significant reduction in recent years and, on the contrary, expressions of high levels of cruelty are revealed in the cases disseminated by the media, in which they almost certainly, the closest environment of the victims knew of the mistreatment they received without encouraging them to communicate it to the police authorities.

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