Rising Of Pedophilia Around Us – Your Child Could Be Next!

What if one day your child is being abused by any pedophile? What if someone in your family is suffering from pedophilia? Do you feel safe sending you daughter or son with any family member? Even with a first blood relation? What if someone at your home is taking advantage of and you don’t even know? Letting your child stay at relatives home is safe?

God forbid your child is going through the same thing. He didn’t even tell you because he or she is not been able to distinguish and understand between the intentions of loved ones. You know mostly it happens to the most trusted place where you don’t even think off happening any harmful thing to your child.

Pakistan, facts and figures regarding pedophilia are disastrous and should not be ignored. But, unfortunately, we do not debate on such topics and talking about them is not socially acceptable in our society. In our culture we are reluctant to educate our children regarding which action should be reported to parents. This happens in educated families as well.

Research shows, such incidents occur at places where they are least expected. Cases of harassment are known to be frequently occurring but going unnoticed in schools, at relatives’ homes. These facts should be enough to open our eyes. However, our politicians and media channels are still playing it for ratings and to get popularity in the name of such issues. No one is seriously looking into the matter.

Have you ever heard about the sexual attraction with a child and marriage with them? Yes, you are right; today I am talking about pedophiles that are dominant in Pakistan. This story happens to thousands of children and adolescents in Pakistan every day and poor they are not aware of the dangers to which they are exposed.

An individual to be excited about touching a minor. I have figured out that there is no clear answer to explain this pathology, pedophilia in Pakistan. Hypotheses pointed: harmful experiences in adolescence or the fact of being suffered by abuse in the past can lead adult to the path of crime. Pedophiles in Pakistan feel an irrepressible impulse and jump from fantasy to reality. Most abuse of children occurs at home.

You can distinguish pedophiles. I think that a pedophile is sympathetic to the child’s side; he enjoys a capacity of attraction that allows him to gain his confidence without needing, in general, to use force. With adults, the pedophile feels uncomfortable. Try to surround yourself with children through work and free time: priests, colony monitors or candy vendors, among others, almost all are men.

“They suffer cognitive distortions, they tell themselves that children like to be touched, that there is nothing wrong with that, that it is another form of affection. It is a convenient excuse and a fraud because the relationship “is asymmetric” and the child “is not in a position to decide what he wants!

According to various studies, more than 20% of girls and 5% of boys have been victims of abuse. And there are not so many pedophiles prevailing in Pakistan; in fact, numerically they are few. The reason is that the majority of abuses occur at home and at the hands of men who, in principle, prefer adults for their sexual relations. These are the so-called “circumstantial pedophiles” or “inter-familial abusers”. These are people who are interested in children because of some lack.

Raise your voice. We, as a society, need to stand together against such issues. Parents are required to understand that until and unless they educate their children about such issues and how to cope with it, our society will never get rid of it. It is the responsibility of parents to provide full support to their children while protecting them in all possible ways. It is also the responsibility of the government to make laws that can provide a platform and support people who raise their voice against child abuse.

I think that the nation-Pakistan cannot progress until the underlying causes are not eradicated concerning the pedophiles. The result will be that this will keep on happening and eventually pedophiles will rise in number! Correct measures like the preventive social marketing steps should be taken like rehabilitation centers for these pedophiles and they must be given proper treatment! These measures and therapies will indeed help us!

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  1. Fahad says

    Thanks for diverting us to this important topic, as this issue has now taken it’s peak and should have been stopped.
    Good job Noman, I believe we’ll have some good practicing ideas in your next article that help us to educate our children regarding such stupid things revolving around in our society in the best manner.
    Thanks once again and keep it up.

    1. Noman Tariq says

      Thanks. Surely will do in next one.

  2. Ali says

    Considering that man are the abusers in most (if not all) cases, mothers and other female members of the family should form stronger bonds with children. This way, a child will have support and someone to talk to leading to preventive action. In addition, there has to be a strengthening of rule of law in Pakistan which focuses on punishing criminals and directing non-circumstantial pedophiles to mental health institutions. Lastly, families must come together and have mature discussions about unwanted sexual advances by any member of the household or society. This is not unIslamic; Islam came to preserve the dignity of all human beings and that includes children. As such, if talking about sex in family setting eliminates this scourge of pedophilia, it will no doubt be a great service.

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