Democracy in Pakistan; Right System in The Wrong Hands.

Since the General Elections in Pakistan are just a few days away now, everyone including you and me; are most likely to hear 90% of the politicians speaking about what they are going to do once they come into power and why you should be electing them in particular. One of the most repeated stances by these politicians is not related to the public but it is related to themselves; the democracy and the supremacy of the democratic system over announced and unannounced dictatorship .

But the question is; are they really going to do that because as far as my understanding and inferior knowledge of our political history is concerned, I think these politicians are the one responsible for that. Now you all would be thinking why? Why on earth would these torchbearers of democracy in Pakistan, always standing up against the “Powers” they say allegedly pulled their legs, undermined their authority, pressurize or forcefully made them do things they did not want to do in the past, will be the one eventually responsible for the biggest thing they blame on the other authorities?

To answer this Why? I would ask one thing from all of you guys hoping that you will think about that as well. Haven’t these politicians done all the things to the laymen and anyone under their authority from the above-mentioned allegations from these politicians? I do not want to take you guys into the past that you might or might not remember. Let’s talk about the incidents happened in these past successful democratic governments. Didn’t they kill those who stood up against them in Model Town? Didn’t they shut down the voice of journalists who spoke against them, Channels dare to broadcast not in the praise 24/7, and any other medium used for the difference of opinion was either targeted technically or the user was attacked? Haven’t the family politics ruined the real image of the democracy or real nature of this democracy? Yes, they have.

If you read the definition of the democracy, it goes something like this; “A system of government by the whole population or all eligible members of a state. Typically through elected representatives.”

So according to this definition, we are supposed to elect the most eligible representative from the whole population to govern us. But what we do is that we elect those who have millions spare to spend on election campaigns, who can in fact make you feel inferior to them. We don’t want anyone eligible in power. We want the person who is superior to us and could challenge the authority of the laymen. This is the democracy functional in Pakistan and supported by our so-called leaders. Is this the democracy they are trying to save and save from whom? themselves?

And before ending the article, I would like to quote an example of how strong our democracy is and how much eligible people get to represent this nation. In 2007, a person was diagnosed with severe depression, dementia, post-traumatic stress and thoughts of suicide, by the New York based Psychiatrists. Normally, this type of person is settled into an institute for proper mental and physical training but in Pakistan, we make him President of the country. 

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  1. Ali says

    How is democracy the “right system” if only the rich and privileged can take part in it? Looking at the expenditures required to run in an election the “common man” is essentially outmatched by the super rich and hence wouldn’t care too much about participating in the democratic process. This isn’t unique to just Pakistani democracy, but this manifestation has also been noted in many stable democracies in western countries where excessive amounts of funds are required to become an elected official. This is perhaps the reason why democracies around the world are succumbing to authoritarianism/nationalism as democracy has become an expensive lie which corporations, the wealthy, and the privileged can exploit. It’s time to rethink this “right system”.

  2. Usama Virk says

    Couldn’t agree more Sir.

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