Jibran Nasir: The Man Who Is Out To Change Pakistan

In a country like Pakistan, where the state differentiates between its subjects on the basis of their personal beliefs, campaigning ‘equality for all’ is a hard road to take, but the young human rights activist has decided to take the road less traveled. Jibran Nasir’s endless struggle and his progressive vision of campaigning for the rights of the oppressed sections of Pakistan’s society has gained a lot of popularity in the youth, which makes up around 63% of the country’s population. His slogan of ‘equal rights for all citizens’ has been a symbol of hope for the common man of Pakistan.

Pakistan is a country that has a history of bloodshed caused by ethnic, religious and linguistic violence. In this atmosphere of hate, Jibran Nasir has won love from all quarters of the society and has emerged as a symbol of tolerance, humanity, and hope. Jibran has been working as a human rights activist for the last decade, but this time he has decided to go a step further by entering into the mainstream political scene of Pakistan. He is contesting elections from NA-247 (National Assembly) and PS-111 (Provincial Assembly) constituencies located in Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi.

“After embarking upon the road against extremism,” he said at a debate organized by the students of Karachi, “I was threatened by Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan, Jindullah and Jamaat ul Ahrar. I have been on their hitlist since, but I have never carried any kind of extra security because I feel that if I start behaving like a VIP myself, it would be hard for you (common citizens) to relate to my stance.”

Defeating terrorism and extremism without using any kind of violence has been Jibran’s crowning achievement.

Born in 1987, Jibran went to St. Michaels’ school for his primary education and later went to The Lyceum college for his A-levels. He later joined the legal fraternity and worked as a corporate lawyer for four years. It was during this time when he realized that extremism, hate, and intolerance were plaguing Pakistan and this proved to be the turning point in Jibran’s life.

Jibran’s unfaltering conviction for bringing about a culture of peace, tolerance, and humility into Pakistani politics is his outstanding trait. His utmost love for Pakistan is his only motivation to enter politics. He is an icon who only needs a chance to prove his credentials as a genuine leader who can change the landscape of politics in Pakistan.

He is talented, compassionate and a visionary who believes in walking the talk and leading by example. His victory in the upcoming general elections will prove to the world that if citizens of this country choose to change their fate by electing genuine leaders then there is no force on earth that can stand in the way of Pakistan becoming a dignified progressive state.

It’s about time that a common citizen be supported to break the monotony.

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  1. Ali says

    Human rights activism is the new face of colonialism. The universality of human rights is misleading as no two cultures have held the same values in human history. This movement to universalize artificial rights is taking aim at eastern cultures by putting them through the mold of western approved standards. When the Europeans took over aboriginal lands, they used to measure the civility of these people depending on how western they acted. When the aboriginal people boldly defended or practiced their culture, the Europeans resorted to residential schools to forcefully wipe out Native American culture by stripping away local customs, traditions, and languages. Today, the umbrella of “Human Rights” is used to justify the modification of local cultures despite the obvious fact that these human rights were developed by colonial powers at the end of WWII. Only quislings and charlatans would advocate such rubbish; any person with sufficient knowledge of history should be able to see through the facade and hypocrisy of human rights movements.

    1. Muddassar Iqbalm says

      Regardless of its savage origin; the concept of basic human rights in today’s day n age entails a person’s right to live, right to practice his culture, traditions and religion, right to contribute to society’s progress and community development, right to raise voice against injustice, right to security, right to express oneself; among many others. If any of these rights are not met, it is then that the so-called “human rights activists” plead their cause. Now take the situation in our country into consideration; if not the human rights activists then who would speak for the poor souls who are oppressed day in n day out, whether it’s the religious minorities or linguistic groups or different communities? There is absolutely no colonialism involved in the context of Mr Nasir’s activism in connection to human rights violation in Pakistan. We need such activism, there does not seem to be any other way. Jibran Nasir is an idea that gives me hope for our generations who deserve a better tolerant n liberal Pakistan that serves Islam n humanity

  2. Hammad says

    Mr Jibran Nasir is getting good salary for his anti state stance talking about right of Western ideology. he will never talk about human right violation against Muslims all around world.

    1. Muddassar Iqbal says

      He does not speak about human rights violation against Muslims all over the world, true! Apparently bro he is not concerned about what’s going on around the world n why should he? His own homeland is burning in the flames of extremism n intolerance n he is entirely focussed on saving his motherland. Charity begins at home, right?
      Now, it is the Western ideology of pluralism, human rights, mutual respect n acceptance that has given human race great progress in science n technology thus bringing about the well-being of one n all across the globe. Even the social media you n I are using is the product of this ideology! So he does the right thing by promoting such “Western ideas”.
      Finally state your sources when you claim Mr Nasir speaks not for Pakistani youth, but for some anti-state agency. Well let’s say he does; even so, tell me a single thing he said about our state n what’s happening in it that is actually not true! He only speaks the bitter damn truth n that in itself is a heinous crime. I believe we too should build courage to commit such a crime.

  3. abdul khaliq says

    Making money is the aim , pseudo intellectual. No clear heart no clear intention. What a pity…..

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