Elections 2018 And Balochistan

When the entire country is an avenue of high drama in the run-up to the elections, there is a forbidden strip of land inhabited by forgotten people who are still awaiting the advent of national leaders of state-wide parties. The absence of national leaders from the political scene of Balochistan reflects the near-zero say of this province in country politics. Worsening this situation, deep state has cobbled up a new party made up of bigwigs – having personalized vote base – under the name of BAP who are cajoling people to vote them through wheeling and dealing.

Apparently, BAP has been assigned the task to discomfit ethno-nationalist parties in elections and if it happens so, the results can give rise to alienative blowbacks among the much-marginalized people of Balochistan. Same reservations have been repeatedly expressed by the nationalist biggies of Balochistan, Sardar Akhtar Mengal and Mehmood Khan Achakzai.

Socioeconomically, Balochistan presents a bleak picture and there people are up against different physical and non-physical forces. National parties are virtually absent in province for helping people in braving mountain of these forces.

To offset the vacuum induced by the disinterest of national parties in Balochistan, ethno-nationalist parties are endeavouring to integrate people into the mainstream of national politics. To what extent, ethno-nationalist parties have been able in the process of mobilization and grassroots organization, is a significant topic that should be deconstructed by the political analysts of the province.

No wonder, state-wide parties are leaning on ever-green tribal chieftains who formerly used to be the part of the party in the centre but at the moment, these big guns have flocked into BAP and their evident but crooked victory is round the corner in elections. In almost all important constituencies, candidates of BAP are going to lock horns with the ticket-holders of nationalistic parties.

Rumors are making the round that candidates of BAP are being facilitated by the career government employees and this surprising but yet-to-be-proved news is not completely bereft of reality. Many official vehicles can be seen in Balochistan moving with a flag of BAP hanging from the roof. This sightseeing is exceedingly disturbing as it clearly signals the interference of establishment in elections which is unacceptable to the right-thinking people of Balochistan.

In a province stricken by countless problems, spells of political engineering by the establishment are no different from a suicidal brinkmanship that can result into gross alienation in the educated class of society.

Moving forward, the deep state should avoid from turning the election 2018 into the selection. The mandate of people ought not to be corrupted through detrimental interference. More it merits a mention that state-wide parties should revamp their support-base in Balochistan. This is the only way to lessen the probability of alienation at large.

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