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What to say about the election landscape. Nothing but iffy, chancy and jittery tinged with tides of consternation. No election in Pakistan’s electoral history is as unpredictable as this coming one in this month of July. Every moment is changing. Every sunup is happening with changing allegiance. Every sunset is peppered with switching loyalties. The last 5-year rule of N-league ended in mismanagement, bad governance, power-outage, colossal foreign debts and enticing gimmicks. It is not a rocket-science that ruling government always used to suffer to some extent in upcoming elections. But present election scenario hints at the total obliteration of the PML-N.  The question that haunts more is of dubiousness as the prospect of holding elections in time is still in limbo.

The verdict of Avenfield as an offshoot of Panama is due on July 06. The two accused Hassan and Hussain are declared as proclaimed offenders in this reference. And the other two Nawaz and Maryum are still in London to take care of ailing Kulsoom. The likelihood of clean-chit seems to be dirty as the terrestrial whirls of accountability are on swift pace. For now, it’s clear that the PML-N is no more in the ring. So the traditional electables are getting purge of the outmoded “Lion” and are striding over the newfangled “Jeep”.

Why on Jeep? Has it become the lure for electables to ride on the jeep in order to safely enter into the power corridors of Islamabad and Lahore? Have the chatters of Maryum had held some water regarding the grand conspiratorial plot to divulge the N-league of heavy-weights? Nisar’s stance is he was deceived by Nawaz myriad times notwithstanding his 35-year long entente cordiale with the latter. According to Maryum and Nawaz, Jeep is the symbol of aliens. Let’s peruse the Maryum’s claim.

The story traces its inception since 2013 when Nawaz became the third-time Prime Minister. The then COAS Gen. Kayani tried to being goody-goody with Nawaz when on one occasion he himself drove Army jeep by honoring Nawaz to get him to sit alongside. That was a goodwill gesture by the military to harmonize the civ-mil calculus. But unfortunately, the craze to indict Musharraf under Article 6, Pervaiz Rasheed’s derogatory remarks against Miltary on Hamid Mir’s incident and 2014 sit-in were factors that contributed to civil-military acrimony. The political confrontation was of the PTI and the PML-N, but Army was dragged unnecessarily into the petty duel by the PML-N stalwarts. The tipping point was Dawn leaks in which not only the most disciplined institution of Pakistan was maligned but also by that rogue story, Army was charge-sheeted to water the enemy narrative. The ghost of Panama was like a bolt from blue, a decisive intervention by nature, which ended with the outright collapse of Sharif fiefdom.

Why this happened?  It was not that the PML-N was totally devoid of commonsensical and pragmatic persons. Nisar-Shebaz combo tried hard to keep Nawaz and his parochial cronies from head-to-head with both judiciary and military. But the so-called monarchist wing of the PML-N led by Maryum adored with the fictitious democratic narrative found its satiation in the clash. The august Supreme Court was ridiculed and abominated by tiny pygmies on behest of Maryum. The social media wing poured the heap of abuses upon both institutions.  The common problems of nation aggravated day by day. In the end, lackluster Shehbaz and brash Maryum compelled recalcitrant Nisar to finally part ways with the PML-N.

Now as it’s writing on the wall that party is over. What we are witnessing now is Velvet revolution—as smooth as velvet, without the sound of hubbub, according to the law in which though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceedingly small. Or it slowly refers to the notion of slow but certain divine retribution which as per Genghis Khan: “I’m (read “Jeep”) the punishment of God… if you had not committed great sins, God would not send a punishment like me upon you.” Whatever, God better knows.

Now it seems clear that a consensus has been developed. To stop the leakage of money to whirl the wheels of ruthless accountability and to adopt wartime measures in order to resolve immediate issues like dams construction et al. The Pakistani citizenry is in tow with this very consensus. The winds of change are blowing against the parochial and premature monarchist PML-N wing. Electables are sensing the flow of wind. That’s why they are choosing Bat and Jeep. Time is too short to misspend and competition is ferocious.  Bat is on the jeep, and the jeep is heading swiftly towards its final destination: unsparing accountability.

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