Iqra Aziz’s Transformation Pictures And Our Haww Hayee

Suno Chanda’s actress Iqra Aziz was the hot topic on twitter two nights before. A twitter user had uploaded an old picture of the actress and compared it with her recent looks. The user captioned it, “Reminder: You are not ugly, you are just poor” with a heart emoticon. This user also shared a comparative transform picture of the cricketer Muhammad Aamir with the same caption.

The tweet went viral welcoming the moral brigade and the Keyboard Mujahidins to take their position and get started with their job after which we saw hundreds of tweets bashing the actress for going under the knife and altering her looks. That post got 853 likes and 220 retweets. Now, the user has deleted its account and I am glad, it did that.

While many people were trolling the actress and the cricketer, many came out in their support too. Some shared their own transformation pictures on the micro-blogging platform to show their solidarity with both victims.

I am glad that some of us have taken that small but difficult step which requires us to leave others in peace and focus on our own lives.

Trolling on social media has become a serious issue of the internet users in Pakistan specifically and the whole world in general.

According to Wikipedia, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses and normalizing tangential discussion, whether for the troll’s amusement or a specific gain.

Observing the growing trend of trolling on Internet, it would not be wrong to say that most of us go on the internet just to troll, judge and humiliate others. Though we claim of being the most civilized and well-mannered nation but when it comes to the internet (the situation is not good in offline world either) we show our worst.

Whatever efforts Iqra Aziz made to get this transformation, it is her personal matter. We should adore her for her work (acting) and the causes she supports. It is the dilemma of our society that whenever an actress get fame for her work, the people instead of admiring her for the work she had done, dig into her old life to find something they can use to shock the world and get some likes, retweets, and comments in return.

Earlier we used to criticize the mainstream media for playing up the stories to get more traffic. Now, we do the same. We share the ‘forward as received’ messages, fake news, and the obscene and violent material on social media without giving it a second thought. At least mainstream media has an ethical guideline to follow and a regulatory body to monitor its functions.

Iqra Aziz is an actress and to be an actress she had to work on her looks. Is it that difficult to understand? Even many of us groom ourselves to look good and to feel good. Is there anything wrong with it?

Growing up in the digital era where every information and help is just a tap away, it is not difficult for the people to learn which hairstyle would suit on their face, how they should shape their eyebrows and which natural remedies and the beauty products they can use to get that natural glow. Every one of us does this but still, we criticize others for their transformation which looks quite easy and quick to get, though it is not.

Transformation requires time, effort and a lot of patience. Nothing comes in this world for free; everything has its own price which needs to be paid. If someone spends their money, time and effort on their grooming and if that makes them happy, let them be happy. Admire them for their work rather than criticizing them for something which has nothing to do with you.

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  1. Jamal Ahmed Abbasi says

    Dunyanews should ensure that what they write carries national, cultural and social responsibility of their respective identities and whats written is not an act of sudden unwilling words coming to their minds and produced in a blog unintentionally. A 100-300 words blog isnt too difficult to proofread or reproduced with more meaning and undisputed or irrational words like for example “Keyboard Mujahidins”.

    If it is just the case of pleasing the paymaster who have turned its guns from word Nazzi to the word Mujahid, one should still consider the fact that Nazi was a term used as an insult long before Hitler came into power. Mujahid is a purely Islamic term not an insult or a thing of shame unless used to dismiss the actual meaning and ideology of the world except to Western Media US and NATO allies (and we know why for them too) This and such words should not be addressed by petty Journalists for petty description of their ideology to define an event or petty nature on a petty issue for some petty publicity.

    Becoming a nation wide news agency is not a mystery or magic trick, its intellectual and financial investment considered and applied after research, calculations and some connections as well.

    Becoming a nation wide respected and reputed journalist also requires intellectual investment, effort, time, vocabulary, social, moral and ethical values of the targeted readers/audience and same values for the writer.

    Following statement shall be with words coined to ensure it targets and attacks certain readers.

    If Dunyanews believes that their blogs are only read by “Piss Drinkers”, “Zionists” and “Khalai Makhlooq” working on a specific agenda it should probably mention on the top as a disclaimer stating. This post is for intended readers/audience only. if you have approached this page by mistake leave now or accept responsibility of strike/pain inflicted upon a certain religion.
    and a Note in the bottom should state in very thin words
    This message was brought to you by Western News Media incorporation limited as a brainwashing / brain programming policy against certain ethinic/religious/color etc.etc group

    Thank you

    1. Jamal Ahmed Abbasi says

      by the way I like the way Iqra Aziz was beautiful and she is even more stunning now .. where do i get these filters to make me look more handsome?

  2. Gobi says

    On whose agenda this writer is writing such articles ? People like her should be banned from posting anything .apnae dimagh ki ghazalat bandae apnae pas rakhae to acha hota ha . Comparing jihad to a keyboard stupidity is the lowest mental level of author .

    1. Ali says

      Mujahid is a noble term. Why is that in a country bought and paid for with Muslim blood, is such an article and author allowed to dismiss the found ideology of this country? When someone posts pictures to social media, they choose to become public and taking blame or criticisms for their actions comes with the territory. If someone does not want to be trolled, perhaps they should stay away from the internet altogether. The writer should refrain from associating Islam with the celebrity nonsense that small minds are attracted to these days.

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