India Has Topped The List Of World’s Most Dangerous Countries For Women

Seven years ago, Thomas Reuters Foundation conducted a survey to find out which were the five most dangerous countries in the world for women. According to the survey results, Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, India, and Somalia appeared as the dangerous countries for a female based on various grounds.

This year, the organization again did the poll and released the list of ten most dangerous countries for women. The purpose was to see if the situation has changed or not. the results were shocking. They found out that India has topped the list of worst countries due to the widespread human trafficking for domestic work, forced labor, forced marriage and sexual slavery, among other reasons.

From March 26th to May 4th, the Thomson Reuters Foundation conducted a survey from 548 female experts related to different women issues across the world, including teachers, NGO professionals, health care workers, law or policy-makers, and nurses.

All of the respondents were inquired about different parameters which included male/female discrimination, child abuse, sexual violence, and sex trafficking. And unfortunately, India moved to the top of the poll – becoming the worst country for women.

India has always shown an utter disregard and disrespect for a woman in terms of rape, sexual abuse, sexual assault, child abuse, sex slavery, and female infanticide. The incident of gang rape and brutal murder of a student on a bus in Delhi is still fresh in the minds of people; it was observed as an inflection point for female’s safety in India when protests and calls for change erupted in every part of the country. This incident remained in news for a couple of months and got more media coverage than any other rape incident in 2013.

According to a research, India has the world’s fastest-growing economy. It is also a leader in space & technology. But the country is also shamed for cruelty, violence, and rapes committed against females.

The Government’s data revealed the fact that there was a huge number of criminal cases reported against women in the recent years, which have risen by 85% between 2007 and 2016 when almost four rape cases were reported every single hour.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, different criminal crimes against females, including gang rape, sexual violence, dowry deaths, acid attacks have risen by approximately 40% to 338,954 between 2012 and 2016.

The survivors of sexual assault, rape, acid attacks and sexual abuse always experienced a great brutality when they try to seek out justice. They have also experienced insensitive treatment from doctors, lawyers, and police officials. These facts have combined with the great stigma which is associated with rape cases and then pressure from influential interests which ensures that female do not report rape, sexual assault or acid attacks.

This is the dark side of the Indian culture. The country with the second largest population in the world is turning into another hell for billions of its women. 

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