New Trends In Men’s Health And Beauty In Pakistan

In the past, men thought of shaving or getting a haircut as nothing more than a routine. They wanted it as quickly as possible and used to give less attention to its details. They used to believe that health and beauty care is for women only. Today, that perception has changed up to some extent. Men are spending money to get better skin and hair to look more presentable. As demand is directly proportional to the supply, we saw a noticeable growth in men’s hair and skincare products.

Men’s Skin Care Trends

Men never cared how sunrays were damaging their skin. Some of them still don’t. For them, the rough and tough look is more masculine. A man with rough and dark skin is considered more man type. That’s a wrong perception.

Men usually have oily skin which makes it more open to acne, pimples and other skin problems. Men equally need to take care of their skin and themselves as a whole as in our patriarchal society, most of the duties are on their shoulders. As the time is changing, with the changing trends men are also learning to take care of their skin and health overall.

Many brands have now introduced only-for-men skin and hair care products which are attracting a considerable population of men proving that the time is changing.

Men’s Hair Care Trends

Not too long ago, men considered short hair as normal and standard hairstyle for their gender. They never wanted to change their hair and didn’t even care about them. Even some of the people, I know, just used to wash their hair with soap as the shampoo was a female thing for them. also, There were not many proper hair salons for men . Even in Islamabad, there was only ‘Zash’ hair salon which was open for both men and women as there were less male customers. It was very hard to find only for men’s salon around there. But now, the situation is very different – thanks to the internet and the new media technologies. People are now more aware of the latest trends, latest news, their rights and what not?

Men, these days, are now totally aware of what haircut would suit them. What haircut should they have for different ocassions, what color they should dye their hair with and the list goes on….

Some of the men also go for waxing and laser process. Salons for men are providing every facility these days.

The products for men’s hair are also increasing on the departmental shelves and being sold. It’s all about trends and fads. It’s about being different and presentable at the same time and everyone has the right to look beautiful.

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