Movie review: “7 Din Mohabbat In”

While remembering your Eid celebrations, do not forget the people who went to watch ” 7 Din Mohabbat In” in cinemas and witnessed how entertainment could become torture.

Imagine the feelings of a person who all dressed up for the day got up, possibly stretched himself and announced,

” Main movie dekhne ja raha hoon“.

Then? Probably singing to himself, or making small talk with others in the car while his heart kept beating faster and faster as he approached the cinema, he looked at the watch, his heart skipped a beat when he realized that he had probably missed the first two minutes. He rushed in a frenzy, grabbing popcorns on the way because he wouldn’t wanna risk losing time during intermission…and then THAT MOVIE HAPPENED and somewhat like this.

The into rolls and here comes the actor

“Me falooda se folad banna chahta hoon”

*cue for laughter *  the cinema is silent.

The scriptwriter was so pleased with this dialogue that in the next 15 minutes the actor said it over and over again, only to generate zero laughter from the audience. And it only went DOWNHILL from there. If such a thing is possible.

Let’s just say about the audience that regret may have had no place in their life until today!

Above all, I feel bad for the people who are in a world where Shehryar Munawaar still has 7 more days to find love. (Which was the point where we quit the movie ). This gives a tough time to the biggest entry of my hall of shame; Dilwaale and possibly beats it at being a humongous, non-funny, waste of time disaster. It’s like taleem-o-tarbiat jokes section had sex with akhbar-e-jahan cut piece and gave birth to this lame humor which Sham Idrees edited!!!!!

‘Tawanai kise kehte hain ?

Jis taway pe nai Betha ho”

Yes, that kind of humor & overacting. Except even less obvious!!!

The only reason audience had to bear this torture is only because we had no other option. In Pakistan, the producers & directors call it “izzat bachana” by releasing the movie on Eid, and then pressurize government and censor board to ban Indian movies, so there is no competition & their movies do good business. And the people are bound to watch because they have no other option. In fact, all the movies released on this Eid ul fitr (7 Din Mohabbat In, Aazadi & Wajood) were a disaster. Weak script, bad production & worst cinematography makes them even worst and real torture on your mind & soul and it takes time to recover from these intellectual shocks.

(Ye message agle 10 logon ko forward karen warna Kya pta aapke kisi chahne walay ki intellectual moat waqaya hojae.)

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  1. Anum says

    Hahaha paid review… Notes boltay hain…. Good job for writing garbage.. you are actually one of those people who love to see sex in movies and cheap and vulgar jokes. I am proud that this movie created humour without using double meaning words and cheap jokes over women and feminisim

  2. Salman says

    Its difficult to understand why dunia news is always antiPakistan lol… Also didn’t you get anything better than doing cheap publicity stunt. The movie is good and i loved it

  3. Sultan says

    paid review. hahaha

  4. qasim says

    HORRIBLE MOVIE !!!such a waste of time

  5. Usman says

    Agar Hall maay ac enjoy karna chahtay hai. Tuo phir MacDonald kaa burger or ice cream & French fries kha Kar enjoy karian aapnaay pasaay barbad maay karain. Itnay pasaay producer nay nahi lagaay gitnaay pasaay manay or Meri family naay movie maay dekhnay ko lagaaay. Movie ko dekhnay kaay baad Dil kaar Raha tha cinema ko aag laga doun. Itni mushkil saay Pakistani movie dekhnay kaay leyia log apnay paisaay laga raha Hain or agaay yeh chrba movie

    1. Humaira khan says

      Totally agreed. Sailing on the same ship with the same pain. I wish i had ran into the producer or director and knocked sense into them

  6. Usman says

    Jo koi bi movie ki tareef Kar Raha hai. Woh yah tuo ais movie maay khud kaam Kar Raha hai. Yah apnay dost / rishtay daar ko promote karanay ki Waja saay Kar Raha hai. Meraa mashwara hai kaay agar moft ka ticket bi milaay tui wapis Kar daynaa . Faltu ka ihsan maat laaynaa Kasi ka bi

  7. Salman says

    I have never seen a worse movie. Its a disgrace to the revival of Pakistani cinema. The humor was so lame that it makes tragic dramas that embrace our tv screens seem funny. I was really disappointed with Mahira Khan, she has shown over the years to choose her scripts carefully. But even she could not save this torturous film.

  8. Humaira khan says

    Ridiculous movie wastage of time and money. Mahira khan may drop her good image by selecting such loose scripted movies in future

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