8 Tips That Might Save Your Life Any Day

The world is a dangerous place, anything can happen here at any instant. We never know and for that unknown, we need to be ready. I am sure most of us don’t even bother being equipped with some handy tools when leaving our home, because in our mind we are thinking “what can go wrong?”

We are so modified with the advanced technology that if something awful befalls us like say being stranded on an island where there is no signal or connection available, we will be doomed.

Today I am going to tell you that how by learning these 8 simple things, you can survive and save your life.

 1: Basic First Aid

This is the most important thing to learn, this can come handy in your everyday life. Most of the time we get injured and do not have the basic supplies at home. Well, I am going to tell you how to treat wounds by other than medical supplies.

Have a mild wound? Use glue! Yes, you can use glue. Super glue can be used as an emergency suture for mild wounds to prevent infection. You can also use sanitary pads on your wounds to stop the bleeding. You can also use vinegar and treat skin burns, infections and irritations.

2: Just how to Light a Fire

Imagine you are stranded in a forest and it’s very cold? Or you want to signal someone to let them know you are here. How can you do that? By the fire, of course.

First of all gather firewood or tinder (dry grass, tree bark) as they ignite quickly. Then to make a fire starter; take a softwood, using a pocket knife, dig a groove in it. Then by using a small branch, plough it up and down on the groove to create friction and heat. After a few minutes, the heat will ignite the wood particles.

3: How to Discover Water

Water is very important for survival. If you are going for hiking or camping, it’s not necessary to pack too much water, as you will find enough on the trip. But if somehow you end up in the desert than follow these rules and you will be able to navigate water.

4: Filtering Water

The water you find in stagnant ponds is not healthy for you. It’s important that we purify it before drinking. In order to rid the water of all bacteria the best way is to boil it. You can also try distillation, water can be heated to a steam and then the water collected would be clean.

5: Getting Out Of Restraints

Getting out of restraints like zip ties, duct tape, and hand cuffs is very hard. And although we do believe that the possibility of us being captured is pretty slim, it’s important that we do know how to get out of them.

You can get out of handcuffs by a paperclip, you can get out of zip ties by breaking them or using a really thin blade at their ends and you can get out of duct tape by raising your arms then bringing them down quickly while pulling your elbows apart. Keep practicing!

6: How to Create a Lamp

During a blackout or a hideout, a lamp is very important. Fire can alert unwanted people about your location. If you want to make your own light, grab your headlamp, invert it and tie it around a water bottle. The light will refract through the liquid, giving it a warm glow that doesn’t draw attention.

 7: Chewing Gum

It can suppress hunger. Its wrapper can be used to light fire. It can also be used to catch fish and to fix things.

8: Self Defense

If your attacker has caught you running, then all your survival skills will be for naught. It’s time to do some ass kicking.

Use any pointed or strong thing for the defense. If you have a good throwing arm, throw a heavy rock. You can also throw dirt on your attacker’s face to momentarily destabilize him and make a run for it. All you have to do is knock him out and you have survived your day.

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