Not a Saint nor a Sinner

Call him what u may a fundamentalist, Taliban Khan, U-turn master, Turncoat leader, the Devil incarnate but Mr. Khan never stops to amaze them. He may not be a redeemer but he surely has waken up a terror-stricken nation from a deep slumber of dosed anesthesia.

Who knew that people in this divided society be it class, creed or sect will rally behind a man who once wooed the ladies in the west and elsewhere. There surely must be some coercive, mean, superficial, lustful mechanism behind this power hungry ” pied piper”, they so grimacing tell us, yet we find the man so humbly gone to perform the most venerated of religious duties on the 27th of Ramazan.

What’s most fascinating about this rising is the defacing of the label given to us by the west of a stagnant, failing nation, which bars civil liberties keeps their women chained and cuffed metaphorically speaking, and yes the most trumpeted decree of them all of the jihadi Islamist taking over the country and blowing up the nearby infidels.

Yet we see the bulging youth of Pakistan striving for reform, peace justice and equality, chanting change day after day attending corner meeting and calls for sit in’s to redo the dream of a homeland acquired by the leaders of the independence struggle.

This surely does not serve the purpose for the forces hell-bent on destroying the moral, ethical and economic fiber of this nation so what we do next. Invoke the Mullah for heaven’s sake, ask for a fatwa, libel scandalize the one person standing against the status quo of self-absorbed, conceited, pompous, egotistical, self-serving stuck –ups who will parade up and down on the wishes of their whimsical fancies.

They seem to forget that this ploy of theirs was used up once in the past but cannot work in the present century where the people are not standing for charisma or speeches at the altar. It’s the seed of awareness well spread, grown year after year of doted conceits, lies and broken promises every five years by the very regime who so sullenly sang the song of the masses. Forgotten! The moment they tasted power, building fortresses, mansions, villas, castles, chateau, and palaces for their own. Leaving the rest to tire 24/7 hardly meeting both ends meet breathing CO2 and drinking polluted contamination, sulking and praying for a Savior.

The Joke is you, Sir! because this nation is neither looking for a saint nor a sinner but the one who has set goals and achieved them be it sports “The World Cup “or serving humanity “Shaukat Khanum Cancer hospital”, Namal university” or health / police reforms in KPK, He served you the notice over corruption and now time is up!  too much water has passed under the bridge stop sulking and let the evolution begin.

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  1. tar says

    What a drama IK bare foot but his Pirni and others with shoes…..What can one say!!! Good lime light tactics…

    1. yusaf says

      Its Allah who decides if its a drama or not. Are you able to read the thoughts of people or are you able to know the intentions of people? Check yourself, before you wreck yourself with your jealousy and hatred

    2. Muhammad Asif Khan says

      Patwaris please raise your caliber for God sake please make yourself capable OR eligible to talk about national policies rather then discussing one’s bed room activities.
      Dollar is now devaluing our rupees at the rate of125 CC.
      You people now living in 21st century please do not act like a garbage so everyone feel your bad smell around.
      You people Patwaris are she males do not have a little courage to speak truth at least.
      Patwaris tell us how to snatch orphan’s food , how to do police encounter of poor retarded criminals, how to waste poor peoples welfare amount on useless ideas, how to murder, kill ,threaten citizens with the help of unprincipled men.
      From where I start where I end the bright 30 years stories of your leaders, shame on u ,shame on us they ruled on us it was much better if we died well before watching all this painful incidents in our society.

  2. Altaf says

    Make adultery and abandoning your children legal, welcome to Naya Pakistan.

    1. Yusaf says

      How can you call him an adulterer ? Did you see him doing zina? What if he has made it halal already? what if Allah has forgiven him? May Allah curse you for insulting a great man in public ameen

  3. Yusaf says

    Masha Allah what a lovely article that was. Saadia zulfiqar ali, i think you just won yourself a fan. May Allah help Imran khan achieve his goals ameen. May Allah put barakah in the life of Imran khan ameen

  4. lieberman says

    Imran Khan is the only hope for a nation that is tired from looting – at least some one we can look up to. As for antagonistic comments on the board regarding his marriages, please educate yourself on Nawaz’s and Zaradari’s marital woes and their shoddy characters. This nation has not earned a leader like IK – but it is only from the mercy of heavens, he has arrived.

  5. Chengez k says

    Lets he cast the first stone who has never sinned in his life !!!

  6. shoaib says

    ” so humbly gone to perform the most venerated of religious duties” really ?? On private Jet ?? so humble o.O

    1. akmal says

      and it says in Islam u cant do umra going by private jet ,ur a muppet ,u cld not do have done half of the things imran has done for pak if u was born again & again & again & again ,u get my point

  7. Reader says

    Delightful read! Keep it up!

    And for those criticizing, ap log jis kadr IK ki personal life ko discuss krte ho us pr Aurelius ne kiya khoob kaha “When a bunch of known corrupt people unite against one & spare no effort to ridicule him, blackmail him & attempt to assassinate his character, blindly follow that onw man”:)

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