The journey of self-discovery

What is life? Is it an endless overbearing chore where we fall into the scheme of a never-ending saga of eventualities taking place constantly or is it by design? Do we really choose our path or are we destined to make overtures leading to the role given to us by the divine self? Endless possibilities are the dream we start our life with. In the words of Shakespeare” All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts”.

Then again who is directing us? Are we writing our own story or following a script placed in our subconscious revealed to us through countless inner monologues.

This question has haunted several throughout the human history, finding the real source of the restlessness that triggers one’s curiosity and hunts for the unattainable in the hopes of that it might satiate the thirst yet what we find is a triggering effect the development of “want”. A never-ending state of desire an itch, covet that one’s heart is set on. Where does this yearning, hunt, crave really end. Is this the battle of the beast within? Longing, loss chaos the resultant effects of this pointless enthusiasm to achieve the intended objective. In the end was the aim really the goal? Or the lessons learned along the way the purpose of the mission handed to us.

There is a deeper construct to our intentions designed through wishes in an attempt to make us vulnerable, susceptible to a higher being. Finding ourselves along the way, through the realm of endless possibilities and the reality of our existence is the main plot. For some, there is a respite. While others wander aimlessly in search of solitude that in reality exists in their own dormant concealed inner self. Embarking on this journey of self-discovery is the real purpose of our existence, to finally understand who we are? And the purpose that we serve.

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