Social Media an Anti-Social Media: A Catch-22.

We human beings have since our creation been found to be very twitchy and careless by nature. Such a notorious trait has never brought us any good before us. Same has even again been displayed by very us when it comes to the usage of Social Media.

The invention of the Social Media platforms carries unanimously an unopposed ideology of connecting people digitally as instant as the blink of an eye; completely unlike what the older and “ancient” means of communication had to offer. Such a swiftness in keeping the people connected is much appreciated but it has very frighteningly exploited the man’s anxiety one way or the other and has mysteriously offered the human beings a very dangerous; yet powerful tool to stay behind a mask of anonymity while using it negatively most of the times for every possible miscreating activity online. While on the other hand, even if there’s not a mask of anonymity existing between the sender and the receiver (if the user uses with the original ID); yet the vague perception of liability has given birth to the idea of it’s irresponsible & reckless usage. This has not only discredited the Social Media’s intended purpose very badly rather it has got the Social Media turned into an Anti-Social Media having the characteristics sufficient enough to push the people away socially on the basis of religious, ethnic, and societal differences.

By definition, such a social disintegration is nothing less than a disaster demanding us to start taking some solid steps right now for showing our collective responsibility towards eradicating and reducing the terrible impacts of such a social menace of Social Media. Following are some highly useful tips and tricks for all of us to remember while communicating and socializing with people via these platforms.

Remember, your freedom ends up right where your nose ends. So never think of poking your nose in others’ business to avoid giving others birthright to poke into yours in return. If you have been subjected to direct disrespect, abuses, harassment, and targeting; simply ignore if you can. Otherwise, you have the right and liberty to report the user and his/her account to the Support Centre and/or the FIA’s cyber crime wing, online. Do not respond in the same way, please.

Respect others point of view even if you are not agreed with. Never argue unless you can respond politely with sound logical citations/references without disrespecting them. Never use abusive, disrespectful, harassing, profane and targeting language while in direct or indirect communication with others online to avoid getting reported/cited. Try never to plunge into others’ conversations unless you are required or requested to.

Never post anything online that could represent you an ill-mannered, a disrespectful, a violent, an extremist, a terrorist, an anti-social, a racist, an outlaw and/or a sympathizer/inciting to any of these and ultimately could be used against you as an evidence in any court of law. Always respect others’ religion, cultural values, color, cast, and creed as you want others to respect yours.

Never ever disrespect the law of land, the state’s institutions, the ideology of Pakistan, the Federation of Pakistan, National Security, law enforcement agencies, recognized national heroes, national commemorations, national flag, national anthem, national language and the national narrative. Never endorse, promote, provoke, and repost/share anything with anyone hurting the same directly/indirectly.

Last but not the least sincere advice is to never hurl accusations on anybody without having the undeniable evidence(s) in hand. Don’t make anybody feel guilty of what doesn’t belong to him/her under any circumstances. Don’t cross the ethical and moral boundaries.

I am sure by following the suggested tricks and tips, we would not only be able to show more responsibility towards contributing in making the social media a better friendly platform to bring people closer bonded in an unshakable relationship of trust and respect in real sense, but we would also be able to avoid any problem for ourselves.

Happy Socializing…!

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