Go Out And Vote, Before You Complain!

So, the democratic government prevails again and completed its 5 years with all the possible drama (Of Panama), action (Dharna) and a bit of a bromance between Opposition parties; PPP and PTI to give maximum tough time to then sitting Prime Ministers of PML N and their cabinet. It was no less than a perfectly written Hollywood script at all, and I’m actually referring to the literal Hollywood script, so don’t get any ideas.

The last 5 years had everything Pakistan politics stand for. We witnessed unusual and disturbing situations as well but the good thing is that our major stakeholders of this political system are also standing up for the democracy no matter what anyone says. And that proved right at the moment when the power was peacefully handed over to the caretaker government. Yes, there are several reservations regarding few appointments but that is the beauty of democracy and we should enjoy and respect that rather labeling them as being anti-democracy or anything else. Now it is time for the elections and to change everything you and I have been complaining for not only these last 5 years but for the past 70 years, and never to let down our train of this democracy ever again.

But how are we going to do that? Can I change that by just writing articles about the issues? Can I just change what’s wrong with our society by putting up long statuses on social media platforms? Can I change anything by just staying on my couch and abusing or complaining to those who are sitting in power? No, that is not the way. We need to be more active in politics, we need to be more active socially. We had to know what’s wrong and who’s wrong. We had to know that only our vote for the right person at the right time can keep these morally and financially corrupt people from coming into power just because they have more money than anyone else? We need to make sure that whatever party we support, they choose the right person for this very prestigious and noble job to sit in the power and make things right.

I sincerely hope that elections do happen at the date given by the Election Commission of Pakistan and all the things you have ever stood up for and against, this would be the time to make it right. Go out and vote (Peacefully), Elections Day is not a holiday for you and your family to sleep the whole day and then complain rest of the years that the power hungry people are in the wrong place and only they are wrong. You will not be only equally but ever more responsible for them than their party. You will have no right morally or ethically criticize anything anywhere because when you had time you just chose to stay at home and do nothing.

Go out there and vote before you complain.

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  1. Rana Hamza says

    Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Usama ,Keep it up.

    1. Usama Virk says

      Thankyou for your kind words dear.

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