Mysterious silence of PTI on nomination papers

People have high hopes with Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI). Most of the people who never thought of taking part in Pakistani politics changed their mind when Imran Khan entered into politics. Though in the beginning, PTI could not gain momentum, but after 2010, things started changing and turning into its favor. The party bagged second largest share of votes in May 2013 general elections. Now in 2018, the situation apparently seems more favorable for it. Electables – someone whom Khan always desired – are joining the party whole-heartedly. PTI remained so much interested in them. Interested to the extent that it forgot to highlight and play its part on a very crucial matter which politicians always desired to happen – modifications in nomination papers, extracting details belonging to them.

With the new forms, there will be no need to declare sources of income, criminal record, dual nationality, and you name it. Almost everything which is crucial to be explored before casting vote to any specific political person has been removed. PTI has been claiming to be the only political party that will change the prevailing conventional political system which only benefits parties of status quo.

Although Justice Ayesha A. Malik asked ECP to include these constitutional provisions, Supreme Court rejected the lower court’s verdict. This decision was startling. CJP believe elections should be held on time. According to the political leadership of PML-N and PPP, they bluntly rejected LHC’s verdict, it will affect the timing of the general elections and there are ample chances of their delay. Here again, PTI remained silent. They are expected to be held on July 25. Do not know what sort of fear is this when everybody knows printing some thousand forms will not take more than one or two days. The state with all of its machinery can do it.

The crucial point here is not about courts’ verdicts, it is about the silence that PTI maintained. The party which claims to have been fighting for corrupt politicians (even disqualified some of them) could not even raise this issue on media channels or on social media. Imran Khan has not decided its party’s policy on it till this time.

How clandestinely parliamentarians from all parties let this take place. Even PTI was the part of Parliamentary Committee that allowed these reforms. PTI’s members let this happen under the disguise of electoral reforms. All these parliamentarians assumed the role of ECP and decided their future from their own hands.

Moreover, the issue was remained unnoticed in almost all news channels except one or two. The petition in LHC was filed by Saad Rasool on behalf of Habib Akram. Thanks to them! They are still following and fighting the legal battle to restore people’s right to know everything about their politicians. Fortunately, just recently, SC ordered ECP to attach affidavit consisting of all relevant information.

Keeping all these things into consideration, PTI members over the social media are also baffled by the move their leadership took on it. Those who have high hopes with PTI are demanding clarifications. This issue was more crucial than joining hands with the electables and deciding the candidates apt for the caretaker government.

PTI should have raised its voice at every possible forum. Those who were part of the Parliamentary Committee should have publicly protested if they were too serious on the matter. How come they were unconscious of the alternations in the nomination forms? No matter the elections are conducted on the old or new forms, the reality is PTI remained silent on this crucial matter.

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