From Democratic Myths to Veridical Facts

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
― Margaret Mead

Power of democracy is futile unless it produces some veracious political workers. Democracy of Pakistan has certainly traveled the distance from feudal inertia to candid political activism. There was a time in the 1970s when Sindhi and Punjabi folks politically rebuffed their religious and financial lords respectively, underpinning Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto as their leader. This culture was unlaced by the successful political engineering in the 1980s, replacing it with ‘Dhada bradri’ culture. Consequently, politics of ethics and national issues turned into local, sectarian, racial and tribal battle; shunning the questions of moralities and principles. Slowly but gradually, the political culture of the 1970s is resurging again, thanks to the ‘Politically aware’ youth of Pakistan. The question of’ performance and delivery occupied the backbone of the election campaign in 2013. Progressively, tough moral and ethical questions are being asked in 2018.

Gone are the days when political chiefs used to enjoy inexplicability to criticism and impunity from transgression. Democratic myths are transforming quickly into veridical facts. Along with electronic and social media dynamics, credit goes to PTI who has created a generation that is never hesitant to take a stance against the policies that breach the basic moral and ethical codes.

‘The Lash back’ of PTI supporters on social media against intake of ‘Farooq Bandial’, a notorious culprit of ‘Shabnam rape case’, is just a fabulous demonstration of the ‘aware’ political phase we are passing through after a long political debacle. PTI has already faced similar sort of confrontation from its workers after ‘Caretaker fiasco’ on part of PTI. Similar sort of situation prevailed in the camps of PPP too during Bhuto’s time. The Pressure group of intellectuals, social activists and ‘revolutionaries’ within party always provided indispensable opposition whenever policies betrayed the central path.

As far as PTI is concerned, they have no competitor in the race but PTI itself. This is the only political party in Pakistan whose popularity falls rapidly after every gaffe.  Questions of corruption, nepotism and moralities are ‘out of syllabus for supporters of other major political parties. The only thing that matters the most for them is ‘visible delivery’, elegantly explained by a PMLN supporter ‘Kuch khaty hain to kuch lgaty bhi hain’. But this is not the case for PTI. Their mantra of ‘change’ requires delivering something extra that other parties don’t claim to be. After having set high moral standards for themselves, they need to understand that even a minimal fault on their part can cause a serious distress to their mantra.

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  1. Reader says

    Good read, keep it up Lala, keep spreading awareness until we defeat the culture of ‘Kuch khaty hain to kuch lgaty bhi hain’.

    1. Shahid Khan Baloch says

      Thank you. Insha Allah

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