An Open Letter To Imran Khan

Khan Sahab first of all, I am obliged to applaud you and your party on getting a significant edge over other political parties when elections are at the doorstep. Your party looks as if it is ready to demonstrate apparent results as dissimilar to your performance in 2013 elections. And surely you are ready to give a robust time to your experienced opponents particularly N League in Punjab. Without an uncertainty, for it, you and your ideological party fellows have come a long way from when your party was mocked as a horse cart. But you didn’t pay any sort of attention to your critics and kept burning the candle at both ends with the aim of getting a prominent space in the thorny game of politics. You must be given a credit for stimulating a sense of political awareness which is now quiet spot on social media in the form desperate tigers. Your all sort of efforts which politically mobilized youth, who were totally ignorant of the sphere of political affairs of the country, must be prized with standing ovation. Before 2011, for the most part, many young lads including were far-flung from governmental affairs. For them, politics seemed a job of old and bored chaps. Few faces of limited parties were successfully manipulating masses for their personal interests. Since the inception of the country, long-established parties was having power over destitute and we were kept uninformed about our political rights and duties. You gave us hope and transformed us into thinking soul. Thus, you ought to have a credit for launching awareness in the youth and lead them to the garden of dreams.

Keeping all your constructive steps aside, unpredictably you have begun to demoralize your young cohorts which are anxious to see you lead the nation on the front. Since 2013, youngsters have been observing you being a typical traditional politician.  You have been creating confusion in youngsters. You always used to talk about giving chance to all new faces then someone told you that we can’t win elections by giving tickets to unknown faces. So now your party is abounding with the most experienced players in politics. You confidently told us that you would like to be called a defeated person but never find the middle ground like other politicians come what may. You used to promote integrity, vision, hatred for corrupts.  In your every speech, you strongly denounced all odd tactics of traditional politics of the country. A million times you advocated “Change” and we all young people began to see you as the last hero of dying ship. But unfortunately, you are not that Imran Khan who we perceived in 2011. You have begun to walk on the same rotten grounds where all our cynical politicians have already constructed their homes. You used to mock your opponents for having bad boys. But dramatically you went reverse to your words and surrounded yourself with all same sort of bad eggs. It will be alright if you had not said in your speech i.e. I will never ever allow any corrupt and ill-reputed person in PTI.

Yes, we can understand that it is the art of politics. One can adjust his principles or decision according to the need of hours. And you understood these secrets of success in last five years of 22 years of your political careers, Right? You taught us to say no to family politics, but we saw your endorsement for the son of your beloved and qualified ineligible friend. You taught us the attitude of no compromise on ethics and morality but we witnessed you with the most reliable politicians like Shaikh Rasheed and Aamir Liaquat. You taught us to give respect to parliament and democratic principles but you, yourself, came there only twenty times in five years. You educated us about firm decision and dedication but we came across your own lacking of home works regarding important political decisions. Withdrawal from the name of a caretaker CM in Punjab and KPK is glaring and latest precedent of it. You spoke about democracy within a party but we encountered indifferences within your own team members. You articulated us about positive attitude and mindset and we explored your hatred and verbal attacks on opponents.

Dear Khan Sahab, yes we acknowledge that you are not corrupt like other politicians but this is not the only parameter on the basis you think you will be bestowed with the principal seat of government. The leader must be the man of words and flag bearers of values. I know my words and perception about your last five periods are somehow infantile but Khan Sahab this is the 21st century and youngsters are more attentive and keen spectators. We believe in actions rather than lip-service and motivation speeches.

On the whole, Khan Sahab it is a requested you to eliminate our reservations and confusions roused from your U-turns. Defeat the statements of those who blame you being a puppet of someone else. Disprove those who think you are only keen to be called prime minister of Pakistan. We don’t care whether you win or lose in elections. We want to see you a man of letters and torch-bearer of truth. We prefer to see a wounded warrior in field of truth rather than a victor who conquered the castle by hook or by crook.

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  1. Faiz says

    Give Imran Khan a chance. He needs to be in power before he can start making changes.

  2. Saqib Ali says

    You have written the history of imran khan political lifr and its U turns very precisely and describe IK draw back and its consequences on the masses , worth to read and wirth to share my best Regards for you wagho shb
    And one advice please don continue your this work i really wants to see you as a NEW hamid meer like journalist of Pakistan we need more people like hamid meer who are neutral more persuasive and take a firm stances on right things

    1. Ayaz says

      thank you so much dear

  3. paul lefebvre says

    The writer is absolute illeterate and is not aware with ground realities of Pakistani Politics. Ayaz Noor should be ashamed of being so naive in this so called “open letter”. The reservations he expressed about Khan’s so called U-Turns were so many times asked by the prominent anchors of this country and he replied so many times about the same questions which has been raised in this letter. Writer should watch some recent TV interviews of Khan and come up with something new.

    As far as bashing political opponents are concerned by Khan, were you sleeping when PTI women were being harrassed by this noon league?????

    Don’t you know that electables are indespensable in order to win elections??? If you don’t know…..then you’re not eligible enough to write these kind of so called “Open Letters”.

    I have been observing that person who has no credibility stands up and start bashing PTI and Imran Khan and chose media platforms like Dunya or GEO which are known to be politically baised towards PMLN.

    Stop this propaganda……..this wouldn’t work

    We are and we will be with Khan and will make him PM in upcoming elections Inshallah.

    1. akmal says

      well said Paul Lefebvre, as some who is living in uk i notice that in pakistan pple let powerful pple trample all over them & treat them like dirt again & again, but the very same (who are being trampled on)pple want to trample on the person who(in this case IMRAN & pti) wants to give respect to them & treat them like human beings why is beyond me

  4. Ab khan says

    In order to fulfill his agenda Mr Nawaz Sharif added all non Muslim league members of parliament,to form a government. And Nawaz Sharif didn’t care for them latter. Same Imran Khan needs electable ,to do something for the nation Young’s ), if you know what I means. PTI original candidates are good ,sincere,honest but not enough good to win, so he has to have winning candidates, to achieve his goals. Vote and support with good cause,and you will win.

  5. Waseem Saeed says

    Great Letter jani, loved it

  6. ZULFIQAR Ahmed says

    Aoa Khan sahib,

    I am a Pakistani living in France, working in Romania in Bucharest, as a overseas Pakistani, I suggest starting a plan of action ” Pakistan Bachao ” to collect funds specifically from overseas Pakistanis to finish with our debt of the country which hurts so much and especially not to be slaves of the IMF.
    To begin, I will start with me and my friends to collect the funds.
    2nd suggestion always for “Pakistan Bachao” on the Pakistani soil with the help of the media, to make a TV show or media personalities live to collect funds , such by tel,internet or WhatsApp etc …
    I am available for any other information and a complete plan.
    H.Zulfiqar Ahmed.

  7. Rishtun Khwa says

    Nothing is wrong with course correction when parameters of an issue change. Behaving like a stubborn and not making course correction, including a U-Turn if needed, is folly and can lead to harm.

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