Maybe It Was Me, Maybe It Was Something I Did

Those are eighty heartbreaking stories of pain, molestation, mental suffering. The depth of pain in every word of each narration tells that how an animal molested students during their practical exams, how he touched them as they belonged to him.

Allegedly an invigilator named Saadat Bashir assaulted eighty students who came for their practical exams in Bahria College, Islamabad. More sadly, all this happened in front of teachers. Teachers, who were silent or had ignored everything just because that animal could deduct their marks or it could affect the image of their college? Were marks really important than their dignity? Was the image of institution more important than the honor? Was the modesty of students had no value for the institution?

After their practicals, the students approached the head of the relevant department, as narrated by a student. But he did not take any action. He just said, “Uske haath men aap ke marks hain.

What if that first girl couldn’t have showed the courage to spread the words? This incident would have been buried like many others. You can’t blame those students for not raising voice. We are living in a society which is male-dominant; where killing in name of honor and manhood is not something to be wonder about. It actually happens here on daily basis. It is the society, who discourage the people who decide to speak against this brutality. When someone gathers the courage to speak about all the spoliation happened to her and tells that how an animal grabbed her, and traced her bra strap, this society asks her why her bra was visible. The question is, “Was Zainab’s bra visible too?” How would you justified what happened to her.

It is this society in which rape victims are molested in courtrooms. It is this society in which martial rapes happen on daily basis but it is not a crime at all. Society does this with the people who we think are normal, just imagine what this society would have done with transgenders. The community who has no medium to tell the world how brutally they are being treated. Have no words to condemn such….. Even cannot find a word that can be adjusted here in the blog and can describe that man.

All of this is not going to stop until the filthy intellectuals and analysts are not taken off the TV screens who are just there to spread hate and extremists views. One of those intellectuals was found on TV saying that women’s dresses are the primary reason of sexual auscultation. More surprisingly, this man was proposed caretaker chief minister of Punjab by a party? This command questions the earnestness of party who is hoping to rule the country.

Harassment is the major issue of the world, especially, of Sub-continent. According to statistics, Ninety-six percent females face harassment at workplace and ninety-three percent females face sexual harassment at public places, daily. These are huge numbers screaming that our women are not safe in the public places. We have to think, where we are going? Why is there so much frustration in this land? We have to teach women around us that to face harassment is not a crime but to harass is. We have to make our kids enough confident that they feel free to tell us about any bad touch and how to handle such creep instantly. We have to regard our females brave, they are not any lesser than the male. Jinnah said once,

“No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you.”

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  1. Muhammad Asif Khan says

    “No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you.”…….laughing out loudly…….. women having no relation with a person when will sit side by side then above stories will never stop to come…….. from where I start and where I end this all started in Pakistan from co-education loving mindset. Party just started my love just enjoy it.

  2. Muhammad Asif Khan says

    Mr. Talal you are not a professional or have not enjoyed a practical in Pakistan so it is difficult for you to understand what is the opinion of the proposed caretaker CM above. Okay for your help I tell you the complete name of this motherland ” Islamic Republican of Pakistan”. If you will forget the name and the reason of its independence then millions who have sacrificed their lives for this motherland will give you a wake up call and will give you a chance to think why they slaughtered while migrating.

  3. Bilal Ahmad says

    It is not the case that there’s no solution to this problem. The reality is that you (the writer) be the first one to object it without any logical reason when proposed. The simplest solution is to implement Islamic Sharia or Quranic Law. You stone one such animal to death in a public square and then see how the crime/rape rate drops to zero. But you would never suggest that because even the platform through which you are now talking is gonna ban you. They will allow you to publish as long as your views are aligned with their editorial policy, which is pro-west. The problem is not that we don’t know the solution, the problem is that we don’t want to solve it.

  4. Yusaf says

    It’s a sad but sad reality that women face harrassement around the world. But its time we as Muslims fight this shameful act. Yes, if a woman wears transparent clothes or see through clothes, it does motivate opposite sex for approaching the woman, but that is not an excuse to harrasse a woman. When a woman is wearing appealing clothes, or very little clothes, a muslim ( a true muslim) is supposed to lower his gaze just like Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him taught us. In shaa Allah i will do my best to stop this shamefullness and never let any of our muslim sister be harrassed at the department of health i work at. In shaa Allah all muslim men will realise this and protect our muslim sisters. I would suggest to the men, that if you cant control your desires, than get married. if you cant control your desire even after marriage, than get married to a second wife, but never approach any woman in a haram (or illegal way). Respect women, in sha Allah Pakistan will be soon known to the world, a country where women are most respectable in the world : )

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