Sorry Ladies! It’s Not Our Culture

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s starrer Veere Di Wedding was set to release today and we all were looking forward to it but now we can’t watch it in Pakistan.

The Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC) has banned Veere Di Wedding from releasing in Pakistan due to vulgar language and objectionable sexual dialogues in the film.

Kareena and Sonam are playing the lead roles in this movie while Swara Baskar and Sheikhs Talsamia are in the supporting roles. The plot of the movie revolves around the friendship of four friends preparing to attend a forthcoming wedding.

The trailer of the film looks really cool and urges women to take hold of their lives. The girls can be seen using strong language along with sex jokes but is it something we have never seen or heard in our cinemas?

A member of the censor board while talking to an English daily said that This film is not acceptable in our society due to its vulgarity and sexual dialogues spoken by the four girls and so, we decided to ban it.”

Pakistani girls can enjoy their lives but in the constraints of our fragile cultural values and traditions. Their I-can-enjoy-my-life starts after their wedding. The before wedding period is dedicated to gol rotis practice. Coming back to their I-can-enjoy-my-life period, remember that the wedding should be shudh arranged and the girl should not, in any case, see her husband before the wedding night.

The girl should get pregnant on her first night and deliver the baby boy (only baby boy) exactly after nine months of her wedding. Right after delivery, she should land in the kitchen to make 84 gol rotis for her family, in-laws and the extended family. To serve with the rotis she should prepare white chicken qorma and baingan ka bhurta. To make it more scrumptious, she should also prepare salad, raita, mint margarita and the shahi tukray and of course, children need ice cream. We hope the ladies enjoy their life more this way.

Having friends and spending some private time with them is a big no-no. This practice can cause pain in the stomach the aunties around her.

If you want more enjoyment you can enjoy some recently released Pakistani movies which are vulgar but not as much as Veeray Di Wedding. In one of the movies, the heroine was forced to dance in a mela somewhere in the middle of her way to Lahore. In another movie, you could find a lead role saying aray yeh to gandi filmo ka hero hai but that’s totally fine. That is Pakistani – totally pure.

If it doesn’t bring you the enjoyment you could watch the style awards in which the host praises an actor saying Itna khoobsurat child molester, kaash mein bhi bacha hota. Anything is fine for us as long as it is not teaching you to be independent and take control of your life.

So enjoy your life ladies and forget about Veere Di Wedding because it is not our culture.

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  1. akmal says

    so ur saying pakstanis need to learn tahzeeb from a indian movie, & remember every good society as limits which should not be crossed & lets not forget this film is copy of usa movie ,so why not watch the original or maybe watch pakistani movie after all u are pakistani ?

    1. Tehreem Azeem says

      we can learn anything from anyone. come out of these boundaries, we are now living in a global village.

      1. akmal says

        why not learn good things ,why always copy bad things only & swearing is considered vulgar even a country like uk

  2. Manzoor Ahmad Chohan says

    Right Tehreem ji,We are proud Pakistanis,We do not like girls dancing on thier veeray di wedding with lots of clothes on,Because we are the number one nation in the world who love to search pornographic immages according to the GOOGLE,Dafa karo ji veeray di wedding,Our young generation shouldnt waste thier precious time on such pendu movies,Well done sencerboard of Pakistan,I will watch the movie in Dubai on my way to Danmark and tell you later that how bayhooda this movie is ? Pious people must send thier children to the madrissas of Pakistan,Thats where the young boys and girls feel the touch of love by our religious schollars.

    1. Tehreem Azeem says

      Enjoy your movie.

  3. Abdul Basit says

    Thank you Tehreem azeem , I really appreciate your efforts in creating this informative blog but you as a blogger tried your best to show negative image of our society, dear its totally not like that, my younger sister makes gol rotis for us during sehri and she also helps my mother in cleaning home, making delicious foods and washing clothes for us but you know what its totally fine for her . She is happy about it nobody is forcing her to make dishes, wash clothes or take care of our house . Its about mutual understanding I help her in studies, buy necessary stuff for her and protect her, we take care of outside home issues while females of our society mostly take care of inside issues. I repeat its about mutual understanding, nobody is superior nor inferior . Serving food, washing clothes and cleaning home does not make them inferior to us same the way protecting them does not make us their servants. In short we help them in best way possible in return they help us in the best way possible .

    Secondly, bad language is not acceptable in any case , Pakistani movies in which bad language is used should also be banned so your argument is baseless .
    Many problems that we are facing today especially by our new generation is because of bollywood culture which is introduced to Pakistan through bollywood movies e.g bf gf culture , expensive weddings, using vulgur words commonly etc
    In the last I would like to say that thanks for the blog, I appreciate your efforts, Peace out . Asalam-o-Aleykum

    1. Tehreem Azeem says

      best wishes to your sister and you

  4. M. Talaal Khalid says

    Chhakka hai boss.

  5. Parmanu says

    Tehreem i really appreciate your article.
    Pakistan should also think about business banning such movies padman, raazi, parmanu and now veere over stupid logic will only hurt pakistani exhibitors and distributors and encourage more piracy.
    Why pakistan behaves so backward when UAE can pass all movies why cant pakistan?? You cant rely on 15-16 outdated low level pakistani movies.
    Meanwhile veere di weddings banged on First day with ₹10.70crore INR.

  6. Yusaf says

    You can’t justify the one wrong with another wrong. Both pakistani movies and indian movies are showing shameful nonsense. How can you even claim to learn anything from the nonsense of movies? As for all the things a woman is supposed to do in our culture (which is basically not part of Islam) For example no where does islam says that cooking, washing, laundering or vaccuming is a women’s job , its just cultural norms. I think you really need to revisit your modes of entertainment. We need do focus on physical games, (like swimming, horse riding, and many other healthy activities for our sisters in islam, rather than going to cinema and that too , to watch those indians( kind of makes me puke watching those dirty indians seriously) It’s time you raise your standards tehreem.
    best regards

  7. Dil says

    Scarf sirf phan kar banda pakeeza nahi bana jata .jiska dil andar se kala ho woh burqa bhi phan lain to uski fitrat nahi badal sakti .global village ka yeh matlab nahi ha ke koi aur gutter main chalang lagain to uski Dekha dekhi hum bhi chalang laga deye .aapko gandgi aur behoodgi mubarak ho

  8. Dil says

    Bahar ki kha wateen jobs bhi karti ha aur ghar ka kaam bhi .yaha ki khawateen jobs bhi nahi karti .ghar ka kaam bhi maid se karwana ha aur shopping bhi chapar phir kar karni ha .ghar se bahar road mastery karni ha .
    Hum Pakistani hamesha bahar ke logo ki gandi adatatae choon letae ha .unki achi adat kabhi nahi letae . Your article and mentality clearly shows you belong to such group .

  9. rabia says

    The girls who seem free in the modernization are actually the slaves of the society. What makes a girl unique and precious is sharm o haya.

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