Coming Elections Should Not be About Mr. Nawaz Sharif

Time has served us right, exactly what we had sorted out to find. The turmoil of 90s has not revisited us but something similar has arrived. Much has changed in Mr. Nawaz Sharif and most is what was never identified with him. Anti-establishment stance tops this list. Yet, to my dismay and that of the media, none seems organic with his past. At the same time, you cannot take away the credit upon the performance of his government not being faithful with the class of development they are famous for. They have achieved their mark. Yet, sadly still they have not been able to evolve in social development and the factors which don’t seemingly earn votes, e.g. building water resources etc.

There is no morality of prosecuting Mr. Nawaz Sharif, when its just an action for shifting the system of status quo in the name of bringing new faces, in a place where the elections are centered on electables and not on those, who have moral high ground. The Judicial system is the vessel, the vector that is being utilized to replace Mr. Sharif. Hence, only Mr. Nawaz Sharif is being removed and not the cruel capitalistic principles of government, for the people of Pakistan. Imran Khan is all in existence that Mr. Nawaz has done in implementation of governance, maybe a bit more articulate when it comes to comparison in-person. Although I felt the contrast in his slight socialist-oxford-graduate-ly tilt in Lahore rally, yet, a man’s actions speak louder than words, I still am, speculative.

Country and its army are as good as its economy and this economy has not shown success in any sort of flying colours. A country that is injected with adrenaline from CPEC and has no food of its own to work with, will simply be weak but euphoric, nonetheless. An overpopulated country, with next to nil human resource development and a disease of extremism not treated as yet, the next government has neither inspiration nor money to change the country’s faith. Thus, if some party is going to claim to make this place the greatest in the world, is just being evil. By raising the expectations so high and subsequently failing, will take notch from public’s belief in this revamped democracy of 2010’s.

We face eminent water, climate change, overpopulation, security, extremism, poverty, food, and unemployment crisis, in Pakistan.  None of these can be resolved in a single government but neither can be helped by capitalistic polices of last 3 decades. Pakistan needs a more social ideology not just a new face protecting the capitalists. The foreign policy is usually detached from the mainstream viewpoint among the masses, yet, when it comes to India, there is a grave need of confidence building measures and develop some level of trust.

Coming elections have nothing on Mr. Nawaz Sharif, but on the people of Pakistan, from all the provinces, ethnic backgrounds and religious sects, to either find a change in face or a consensus on the method of governance. If anything Pakistan wins, if the coming elections betray the ‘electables’ through vote and tempering and the elected are picked on their ideology to bring social change. But it already feels like a fool’s paradise from where I write. We are stuck again in ‘nazuk surat e haal’ yet again.

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  1. Farzana says

    election in pakistan is always about electables. it is a sad reality.

  2. Nabeel says

    PTI can work better in the fields of healthcare and education as performed in KPK. However, that would be a long term plan and may not give the results in only five years.

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