All What Nation Asked Were Few Receipts, Mr. Nawaz

We the 210 million people – didn’t raise a question, when you failed to deliver your promised abundant electricity when you failed you provide clean water to 21 Million Pakistanis in your tenure covering over four decades. When you couldn’t change the traditional police culture. When health sector wasn’t adequate to be at par with the world and you had to choose hospitals abroad for your check-ups. When you imposed taxes from water till travel at the rate of EU while not giving us the lowest facilities in the region. When we were told it was state’s money being spent while it was my money – public’s money. When in other countries the quality of life was improving, and poverty was being eradicated you lured us by few carpeted roads of Lahore.

Because We the 210 Million people – striving to make both ends meet don’t care if the geopolitical situation is changing every moment. We can’t even comprehend the difference between state and government. We are so busy in our day to day life that we don’t have time as to why we pay 40% tax on mobile phone recharge. We are so indifferent to our surroundings that some politician hangs his photo over a public toilet, like a gift to us by his own pocket, built by our tax money, and we don’t notice.

We the 210 million people – remained silent when in your tenure our cities became polluted, our literacy rate dipped to among the lowest in the world, our infant mortality touched the highest level in the world, our exports nosedived, and our loans rose exponentially, and we believed in some promises on full page ads with your photo, published by our tax money.

But now we the 210 Million people – are shocked, devastated and outraged when you have backstabbed Pakistan by accusing her of terrorism in the region. We were not responsible of Panama Leaks. We played no part in your properties in five continents. We were even unaware of when you were building the palatial Jati Umra palace. Now when the cat of Panama is out of the bag and in the court of law you are supposed to justify the London properties, you are accusing this resilient nation of terrorism who has spent fortune and sacrificed lives just to absolve yourself of your failures.

You kept foreign ministry portfolio till your tenure was ended. It was your job to let the world know about the sacrifices Pakistan made to make the world a better place and highlight the foreign state terrorism in Pakistan. It was you who were supposed to fight Pakistan’s case at all international forums to put an end to rhetoric of Pakistan’s so called isolation. But you failed. You were being paid to fight for us at international forums instead of just listening to the false grievances of your counterparts. When you were breaking the records of foreign trips to rather small countries like Bosnia till Maldives, you could have brought some respite home from the constant propaganda against the country, but you failed. You were supposed to bring into attention of world bodies about aggression on our waters and protect the waters flowing to Pakistan, but you failed. You were supposed to put a counter narrative in front of the world that if Siachin can happen, if Sir Creek can happen, if Bangladesh can happen and if Samjhota Express can happen then on a disputed territory Kargil can also happen, but you kept on harping on same string that you were not taken into confidence.

In your tenure even Sri Lanka stopped issuing visas to Pakistanis on arrival while other SAARC countries are enjoying this benefit. You were supposed to strive for respect of green passport, but you failed. Situation is that all big powers i.e., permanent members of UN Security Council till Germany visited our neighbor in past four years while none of them, except Chinese president, visited Pakistan in your term. You were supposed to bring FDI and as per your manifesto Pakistan was supposed to have $100 Bn of exports, but you failed. The failure of your foreign goes a long way.

This nation who made you PM for three times and kept you in power for four odd decades, doesn’t deserve this backstabbing. All this nation had asked were few receipts – Mr. Nawaz.

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  1. akmal says

    well pointed out by writer

  2. Jamil Qasim says

    Excellent writing.

  3. Maria Iram Awan says

    So true and so sad.

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