Modern Muslims and Doctrine of Non-Violence

Teachings of Islam always speak about non-violence, peace, humanity, brotherhood and mutual harmony. The Holy Quran and traditions of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) have shown us the path of tranquility and taught us how to avoid conflicts, confrontations, and violence in our dealings with other opponents. Unfortunately, we have turned away our faces from the teachings or traditions of Our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) regarding non-violence and amity. The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has always advocated this ideology through his practices and behavior. Even he was very kind to enemies of Islam. Our current ignorance of Islamic wisdom causes various challenges in all walks of life. If we analyze our history, we can see that after the disintegration of Ottoman and Mughal empires, many problems arose like the invasion of Palestine. Afterwards, we have become prey to negative response and we have almost forgotten doctrine of Islam about non-violence. As a result, after many years of wars and conflicts, we have not achieved any positive thing and we lost what we had already.

Imam Malik once said that future generations of Muslim Ummah resolved affairs and issues in the same way that previous Muslim generations had settled, i.e. non-violent procedures. Likewise, Muslims of contemporary times must equally adapt only non-violent methods. Because it is always noticed that through violent methods, positive gains could not be achieved earlier and presently we cannot obtain fruitful results through violent strategies.

In the times of the holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), when the event of Hudaybiya peace treaty was occurred, Muslims of Makkah were in trouble. The Quresh, which was the supreme tribe of Arabia and had control over it, was in the position of waging war. They took control of all important places of Makkah. They possessed the Kaaba in their custody. They had also forced out the Holy prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and his friends from Makkah. They started to spread negative and untrue propaganda about Islam. Muslims of the Makkah faced their torture and they lost their homes and other possessions.

In such awful conditions and affairs, the believers had only two ways. One was to launch the war against Quresh in order to end their oppression to secure their rights and possessions. If they had been done it, they would have been faced further loss in the forms of lives and property. But Muslims went for other options of patience. They endured their all sorts of losses like material, financial. They began to avail all possible and available opportunities. The Holy prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and his friends implemented this approach and displayed a great example of non-violence. As a result, after the spell of few years, they brought a remarkable Islamic revolution and changed the map of Arabia.

Currently, we are witnessing same issues. Undoubtedly, Muslims of the modern world have undergone in severe sufferings and witnessed great losses in all walk of life like political and material. But still many opportunities and options are available through which we can achieve our lost positions and status in the world. Someone has aptly said that after every dark cloud there is a silver lining and we need to follow it steadfastly.

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